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Ghostbusters Comic Request 1

Request from ILoveLadies2 

A comic starring Futura and Jessica from a Filmation cartoon called Ghostbusters (no relation to the 1984 movie or the animated spin-off The Real Ghostbusters), which shows them going theough the same transformation sequence that Jake and Eddie went through.

This takes place after the series. Jake has married Jessica, who has also become a Ghostbuster. Futura is staying with them for a bit because she wants to do some real sight-seeing in the past (she’s from the future, for those of you who don’t know the show).

The story here is Futura and Jessica just came back from shopping. They found a note Jake left on the table saying they had to take care of another evil scheme from Prime Evil. Shortly after they settled down, they received a call from Jake asking for their back-up. Futura has been on a couple missions with them during her stay but this is the first time Jessica has gone off on a mission and thus the first time she has used the Skelevator to change into her Ghostbuster outfit.

This is the black and white version. The colored version is up next!

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Ah ok, very interesting.
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A Ghostbusters comic, eh? I assume this is based on the recent Ghostbusters movie?
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Actually it's base of a ghostbusters cartoon from filmation. 
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