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11th Annual-ish Valentine's Day Contest Poll! It's late this year! Vote quickly, and the top theme will make it into this year's contest! 

8 deviants said Megaman is 30. So that means you have to have one more year of a 'secret' NSFW category theme, called Megaman XXX, while it's relevant.
7 deviants said Beauty and the Beastman.EXE (A theme about beautiful and not so beautiful mismatched pairs. MM characters as inanimate objects, like teacups, optional)
5 deviants said Here Comes the Sun (A focus on romantic sunrise/sunset images, as Solar Man controls the sunlight)
3 deviants said Somewhere, Out There (A theme about love separated by distance)
2 deviants said If You Like It, You Should Put a Ring Boomerang On It (A theme about decent proposals to all the single ladies)
2 deviants said Neon Tiger Beat Magazine (All the hot celebrity Megaman romance and relationship gossip)
2 deviants said Cancer Bubble's Cosplay/Roleplay Jealousy Campaign (Dress up Cancer Bubble as your favorite character as he gets all kissy kissy with a doll of another character, in order to make someone jealous)
1 deviant said Tinder Man's Profile Gallery (Jump! Jump! Slide! Slide! into to those DMs bay-bee, and choose which way to swipe)
1 deviant said PDA...FAWENG!! (Public Displays of Affection...For Albert Wily. EWWW, NO GROSS!! A theme about background characters hilariously uncomfortable over PDAs)
1 deviant said Love and Sax - Featuring Bluesy P (Channeling his inner Kenny G, this theme focuses on Blues/Proto Man [or others] serenading your favorite couple with his smooth saxophone-playing skills)

Gifts/Requests/Art Trades/Commissions

Thanks for the art over the years, everyone! Some stuff people have done for me:

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:iconkenshinmeowth: :heart:

2018 Megaman Summer Fanart Contest Part 1.0

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2018, 3:25 PM

Unlike last year, there’s actually quite a bit of Megaman-related stuff happening real soon, so I guess I’ll launch this a week before the traditional June Mega week (June 8th and 9th are forever Rock Miyabi day and Rockman day, respectively ;D ) So, here I go for the 8th time with summer fanart fun!


2 categories, but this one won’t be broken down by humor and talent this time. Rather, I’ll just judge on overall merit and effort in regards to following the content requirements. As usual, you are allowed to enter in each category, if you would like. If you place in one category, you will be automatically disqualified from the other, or lower placing category, both for reasons of fairness, and to give other people a chance to win a prize. But you still theoretically can both place to win a prize, and win a participation raffle prize.

CATEGORY 1: Ride Armor Road Trip


No, don’t worry. This category doesn’t require you to parody the Tom Green/Andy Dick film about hunting down a dirty tape that was mailed to the wrong person.

This is a “what I did/where I went on my summer vacation” theme! For creative purposes, you will be tasked to create mock-up postcards, which can be addressed to anyone within any Megaman universe, with photos of where your favorite characters have been and what they’ve been doing all summer. You are also welcome to treat this as a vacation photo album or slide show presentation of photos, but there must be some sort of slide or photo card deliberately saying where your characters visited. (EX: ‘Greetings from sunny Alohaha!’ or ‘Visit the summer snow of Sharo!’)

So, whether you have 4 bros being bros, driving around in their ride armor before one of them gets married while enjoying Cup O’ Curry and taking pictures of it, or families on a brief excursion to the coast together and sharing their slides with their friends, or just a single character traveling the world on their own, sending trip highlights on postcards to a loved one, you have plenty of options for this.

In some ways, this category serves as a bit of a freebie theme, for those of you who voted for other categories in my contest theme poll, and were dead-set on drawing them. Wanted to draw Megaman characters acting out a murder mystery, or Haruka Hikari finally getting to the beach? Or were you hoping to draw them working out and breaking a sweat, or cooling down by suds-ing up their ride in swimsuits at the carwash? Well, technically you have a loophole, if that’s what your favorite Megaman characters are doing on their summer break. But feel free to be as creative as you want, you aren’t required to follow any of my original random theme ideas.

There is no restriction on how many postcards/slides/photos you want to create. It can be 1, it can be 30. It is up to your time, creativity and abilities.

Content Requirements:

-          Megaman characters having fun and enjoying their summer doing different things all across the planet, on the moon, and all throughout the Megaman universe.

-          Postcard-style, photo album or slideshow designs showcasing photos of those summer activities and the places your fave characters have been.

 CATEGORY 2: Ruby-Spears Mega Man: Plasma Powered Up!!


So…there’s this new Mega Man cartoon coming out sometime, if you haven’t heard. I guess he’s Fully Charged and whanot. The reception to its ever-adjusting style and take on the Classic franchise hasn’t been all that hot. But you know what Mega Man cartoon was hot? 

Ruby-Spears Mega Man, that’s what!! 

And it’s a shame that the show got cancelled so soon, before the Classic bots got to MM6, or more of the X crew could go back in time and arrive.

So, instead of complaining about the redesigns of Man of Action’s Robot Masters, let’s redesign all the Mega Man characters that never got a chance to star as Ruby-Spears creations! Your goal for this category is to reboot the Ruby-Spears Mega Man TV show, however you would like. It’s the show we all want back on TV for this current generation of impressionable youth to get interested in Mega Man again.

If you want to continue the Classic timeline, but have it star bots from MM6-11, feel free. If you want to have new look time-traveling, Slash Beast-ly-lookin’ Lion Men Mavericks invade and transform all the beachgoers to cat people, go for it. If you want to remake the series as a new spinoff, and have it focus solely on Ruby-Spears Star Force or Ruby-Spears Zero, please do!

You can mix those old favorite Ruby-Spears characters and designs into your piece, but you are required to have at least one new character design (that never had any screen time in the original 1994-1996 show) in your piece. 

How can you pull this off? It can be a promotional poster, DVD covers, “screenshot leaks,”  a mock episode storyboard, comic format, new character design reference sheets, or heck, if you can animate, some .gifs or even a short clip! If you want to design new logos or fake press kit content, go for it! Be creative, and the more effort you put into making your piece like a legit Ruby-Spears reboot, the better! 

Content Requirements:

-          New look blue dweebs in a familiar muscular teen, Ruby-Spears American design style. 

-          At least one creative redesign of a character who was never in the original show. Now I’ve got your plasma powers! No limit on creating any other new or reusing older characters, as long as you at least have one new one. You will be judged on how well your redesigns fit into the Ruby-Spears look and feel, as well as your overall creativity.

-          Bad puns, Scooby-Doo talking pets, cheesy comebacks, kung fu and DUN DUN…are welcome!


2018 is the summer of X. With the X Legacy Collection, it’s arranged soundtrack, X baseball caps, and more all releasing near the end of July. While I won’t force people to take any of those items as prizes, I have a feeling they will be good options if you want them. So, like normal, the placement prizes will be a Megaman item of your choice, somewhere within the usual ranges. As always, the option of a cash prize through Paypal, especially in the case of international winners, is an option. This especially holds true due to region restrictions for games, if that’s what you’re aiming for. So, please make sure you have a valid Paypal account in order to receive your prize.

 One grand prize winner from each category will get a prize of their choice in the $75-100 range.

  A second place winner from each category will get a prize of their choice in the $40-50 range.

  Third place winners from each category will get a prize of their choice in the $20-$30 range.


Yet again, I’ll be having a participation prize raffle. How do you win? All you have to do is draw something for either category, and you will be automatically eligible for two art-related items. In the case you are not interested in either of the raffle prizes, please let me know when submitting your entry. I will exclude you from one or both of your choosing, if that is your wish. If you submit art for both categories, you can get your name added a second time for a bonus chance at one of the raffle prizes you are most interested in. 

And this contest’s special raffle prizes are:

1.)    Archie Comics Mega Man Issue 14, Page 7


Inked and signed by Archie’s Gary Martin. This page features Dr. Wily’s sinister, scheming grin as Ra Moon brings Quick Man back to life. Quick has a massive headache and questions his instant reactivation by the round alien audio jack tentacle godbot.

2.)    Ruby-Spears Mega Man Dr. Wily Cel


The backstory of this rare contest giveaway cel can be found here. Taken from one of the few seconds this ‘sick man’ wasn’t laughing hysterically, here the bad doctor is totally astonished that he’s being given away for free, for nothing more than your art! Frame him on your wall, hunt down and get him signed by Scott McNeil, or whatever you’d like. You can enjoy your own piece of super rare Mega Man animation.


Only submit your own work, as usual. Any character, major or minor, from any series is allowed, as long as you meet the requirements in each category.

Entries do not need to be colored, but it is preferred.

Entries can either be e-mailed to me at rock2125[at]hotmail[dot]com, or you can just PM/note me a link to your pic.

DO NOT post your pics in this post, your tumblrs, Twitters, or dA galleries until the contest is over. This is the fairest way for competitive reasons. I prefer to keep them all secret until the deadline has passed.

I’ll edit a confirmed entry list in this post when I receive them. So you won’t be in the dark about whether or not I’ve received your entry.


The deadline for this contest will be Sunday, July 29th, by 11:59 PM CST. This currently gives you just under 2 months to come up with something. Why that date? More to coincide with the X releases, for now. And perhaps I’ll scramble together a second fanart contest to give away Mega Man 11 and other newly release trinkets between August and early October. (Part 1.1 ;D)


Feel free to send me questions if you have any, either on this post or privately. Please join in, and good luck to everyone who enters!

Confirmed Entries:


  • Listening to: Megaman 8 Frost Man
  • Reading: The Internet
  • Watching: My life go by
  • Playing: TSTO, FFRK, Ace Attorney 6
  • Eating: Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper


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Wallpaper of choice: Something anime or Adult Swim related
Favourite cartoon character: Glen Quagmire, Stewie Griffin, Homer Simpson, Duffman, Cartman, Wile E. Coyote, + many anime ones
Personal Quote: I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T...I mean S-M-A-R-T! ~ Homer Simpson

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