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MM-Nastenka Unit

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Tried to do this as a full body, but Photoshop screwed up. Tried it again, yet I though it looked like shit. So, here's just a standard half body, as I wasn't going to draw another full body pose again.

Anyhow, while it may not be entirely known, there's a Brazilian Mega Man comic semi-based on the cartoon, yet in looks only in some cases. More information can be found here, but let me just say that this comic is batshit crazy. Even crazier then dream machines, killer toys, and yes, Lion Men. Roll's either half or totally naked most of the time, the art style is never consistant, Kalinka creates an interdimensional portal to spread communism throughout the multiverse, Bass is called Slasher, Mega Man X is in love with his own sister (Roll, and no, it's not a case of 'just robots, no relation', they outright call themselves brother and sister), and there's a madman named Mr. Holzenbein that's involved with human sacrifices and voodoo. 

Oh, and there was a little issue with one of the artists who was going to use their Mary Sue character to kill off the entire cast and essentially 'take over' the comic. Said artist was promptly fired. 

But, since my RS universe is a hodge-podge of various bits and pieces from Mega Man related media, I decided that perhaps something from the mess could be salvaged. Hence, here is a Nastenka Unit. 

Nastenka, in the original comic, was Kalinka's bodyguard, presumably created by her father. In my universe, Nastenka is a line created by Cossack for the Russian government as something of robotic super soldiers, as his line of Robot Masters were captured and reprogrammed by Wily before they could even be released out into the world. Thus, he was tasked with making another line for them, this one being kept top secret and not presented to anyone. Thus, the Nastenka line was born. They more or less share a hive mind or similar thinking pattern to them all, neither having much individual personalities, all that's in their programming being what will serve in their duties. 

When Dr. Cossack goes missing without a trace, and an emergency signal comes from his far off, hidden away abode, it's found that his daugther is missing. And when Cossack comes up again to presumably launch an attack on America if Mega Man should fail to accept his demands to come and face his trials, he unveils that he will meet the Blue Bomber at a previously abandoned resresearcherearch facility in Siberia. Going there, Mega Man finds several personal and Nastenka units present at the site. They are not to enter the building, for if anyone but Mega Man goes through the front door, he will launch the attack immediately. Yet there is an abandoned mine not too far away, and a unit (along with a tag-along Roll) sneak into it to try and find a way upward, unaware that they're not alone in there...

She won't have much of a role at all, as I feel that she would be too similar to MegaBrauer's character, Nomad (which is an inspiration for my own fic, even if I have reservations about it), yet I wanted to give something of a nod to the Brazilian comic. With that said, here's hoping I got you interested in reading my fic!

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Huh. Strange.

To me, the brazil comic doesn't need a nod. It needs to burn.^^

Not bad tho. and fairly good summary.

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You’re not the first to think that.
Thank you though.