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Steven Universe - Fusion Gems

My third Mucha style Steven inverse piece!

Crystal Gems
Homeworld Gems
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Are there prints of this one and the others available for purchase? :O!
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WHAT ARE the flowers in the opal draw?
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Poppies and dusty miller : )
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Daaaaamn... that is beautiful stuff.
Rockman0's avatar
How dare you?! These are F* Awesome!
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I love this ! it remind me medieval style .
Kichisama666's avatar
These are amazing
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Thank you very much Sparkle Emoji 
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These are amazing.
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I don't have proper words to describe how amazing I think this is. (But I will try besides sputtering out funny noises of happiness in an attempt to compliment).

I'm a huge fan of Alphonse Mucha (I've actually focused on his artwork and Art Nouveau in general while working towards my degree. Art Nouveau decoration is so beautiful) and you were spot on and refreshed the style with your own techniques. It's so beautiful! I love that you did this for Steven Universe characters, it's so wonderful!

Fantastic <3 You're amazing!
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