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MegaxICe by CeciArtMed
Z x X Yaoi postal :3 by WndN3
SnakexGemini by RocK-xz
Happy Birthday Yly-chan !! by WndN3
Classic series
Rockman Day by Endorzer
Corruption by BrielleTea
A Mega Winter by rongs1234
CM 9 - MetalSonic30 by KamiraExp-Commission
X series
.: X and Alia : Falcon and Dove :. by Sincity2100
The Crimson Field, Cyberspace“I’ll go first and wait for you, huh…” Those words kept echoing through head of a red-hooded repliroid in a torn cloak who has been walking through seemingly endless field of poppies in the silent white void. The winds weren’t blowing, the flowers weren’t blooming. The flow of time has practically avoided or forgotten this mysterious place like everything else… Except for equally mysterious hooded figure…“When I said it, all quickly faded away… Then immediately I had woken up in this weird purgatory of sorts. Was it long since I’ve gotten here, or was it the other way around? Likewise, is the end of this field close, or am I still at the very beginning of it?” Hooded repliroid stopped and fell on his back. He proceeded to stare in all-white sky that always looked the same. “I haven’t heard anything from them here. I guess the hunters needed to go through that place in order to meet up with that devil… which means I won’t meet any of them here anymore. I should’ve talked to Ariquick about this kind of thing long before this all happened… Something about this place makes it soothing… and mournful at the same time… What if I’m the only one in this endless void?” But then… What’s this? The sound of wings flapping? Followed by a blow of wind that was getting stronger with every moment? Hooded repliroid got up and looked around. And soon, he saw a winged figure that quickly flew above his head, taking off this mysterious repliroid’s hood with a mighty wind that followed. That repliroid’s face, which now could be seen, was pale as death, had bags under the eyes, or, should it be said, under the left eye. The right eye was deeply scarred and seemed to be closed forever. His hair was blond but was as pale as his face. The winged figure passed now unhooded repliroid from behind, before turning around and slowly descending to the ground. A white human-like Pegasus in golden-and-red armor now stood in front of mysterious repliroid.– “Didn’t think I would find someone from the mercenary unit here”, the Pegasus repliroid said.– “Spiral Pegacion… Is that really you?”, unhooded figure replied in surprise.– “Hmph. Don’t tell me you think I’m just a deathbed delusion of yours. You’re already dead”. These two soon fell silent and started to stare at each other. Pegacion was the first to break that silence.– “You got quite hammered by the anvil of life, I see. Not even this digital limbo seems to heal those wounds”.– “At least you wasn’t able to witness how much the world suffered after you were gone”, quickly replied unhooded repliroid. Shock slowly appeared on Pegacion’s previously calm face.– “…Red… Did they… really fail after all?”, he asked.– “It’s a long story”, unhooded repliroid, who Pegacion called Red, replied, –“Are you the only one from Repliforce here?”– “Far from it”, Pegacion snapped out of his shock, –“We haven’t found everyone yet, but it seems this space has been throwing everyone who went through this awful war here. I can give you a lift to our place of gathering”. Red nodded in response.–“I’ll tell you what happened after Eaurasia crashed on our way there then”. Spiral Pegacion was flying above the same never-ending field of poppies while tightly holding Red by his hands. The wind that was following them soon became accompanied by the sounds reminiscent of an old computer doing some lengthy calculations, and later some weird noises, resembling a muffled cry were added to the mix. Eventually, the landscape began to get supplemented by debris, resembling some parts of a certain space colony.– “So story repeated itself because of him…”, Pegasus repliroid said in a rather annoyed tone, before continuing in his regular voice, – “We’re almost here, by the way. Feel free to tell others anything you want. Although, I see no reason in hiding anything at this point”. They both were silent for the rest of the way. As they were nearing their destination, a huge structure emerged from the horizon. It was Final Weapon, the death flower, looking more like a crimson lotus with black and white accents, just standing there in the middle of the endless poppy field. A spiral of energy was rising from it, seemingly dissolving in the blinding white void above it. The closer they got to this structure, the more repliroids could be seen standing in the field. The same weird noises also started to get louder and louder. Soon, a big recognizable figure of general of Repliforce sitting on a throne started to emerge from the horizon as well. Red was stunned. The area around the Final Weapon had a large river flowing around it. Because of this, Pegasus repliroid needed to land with his passenger not too close to General, which he ended up doing. Once they were standing in front of the golden giant, the ambient noises became calmer.– “I’m back, sir”, Pegacion said and bowed, – “I’ve found a lost soul this time. Do you remember him?” General looked at Red who in comparison to him was as small as an ant. His armor somehow seemed even shinier than it was while the mighty commander was alive. He also was wearing a royal blue cape that covered his right arm which was resting on throne’s armrest. In place of left leg the general of Repliforce had lost during the war, there was a new leg made of pure energy partially covered by some steel plates. Pale repliroid and the golden giant were exchanging glances for some moments, but soon enough…– “Having some eye problems, aren’t ya?” Funny-sounding voice came from somewhere above. It was a spider repliroid descending from Final Weapon on his web. His armor had camouflage coloring while foliage made of metallic leaves was covering his neck, arms and legs.– “We were trying to start a conversation here, I think. Besides, no one invited you to participate in it”, Red replied in annoyed tone of voice.– “Nah, General won’t mind this interference, trust me”, spider repliroid said and giggled.– “Spidus, you’re acting a bit… weird”, Red said, confused.“Is it what this place does to sinful souls?..”– “Red”, General said in his earth-shaking voice. Everyone went silent, – “To be honest, I haven’t heard this name since I got there. These souls seem to have forgotten you. Or maybe they didn’t even know you ”. General stopped his speech and closed his eyes. Red looked at Pegacion in hopes he knows why the golden giant did this.– “Seems someone from the crew is coming”, Pegasus repliroid replied quietly. General opened his eyes and continued.– “Probably this question will sound incorrect, but… Can you tell us how long you’ve been traveling through this field?”– “I can’t give the clear answer to that, sadly”, Red replied, – “But maybe this info will help you understand: My life path has ended few years after Eaurasia crashed. Repliforce was long since gone”. Everyone went silent. Repliroids that had just approached the Final Weapon to listen to conversation gasped in shock. Everyone thought all Repliforce members were wiped out before the Eurasia Incident!– “As I thought”, the mighty commander of Repliforce broke the silence, – “Once I laid my eyes upon you, I didn’t believe what I saw. Glad to know my suspicions turned out to be true. Welcome”. Once the golden giant finished, he closed his eyes again. Spidus started to rise up on his web to get a better look of surroundings.– “I see him!!”, Spidus happily shouted and pointed to the south. General opened his eyes.– “Yes. It’s Colonel”. Everyone looked away in a direction Spidus was pointing. Sure enough, it really was Colonel. He looked mostly the same but now he was wearing black and yellow coat and had a weird belt strapped on his stomach that was glowing with the same energy as General’s left leg. Maybe it was the place to which Zero delivered his finishing blow in their last duel? Colonel approached the crowd gathered around pale repliroid. He wasn’t in the best mood.– “…No luck?", someone from the crowd asked.– “I won’t give up…”, Colonel said irritably, – “She must be here somewhere! I’m sure of it!” Nearly hopeless rage coming out of him was followed by the surrounding noises becoming more alarming and the pillar of energy rising from Final Weapon beginning to tremble slightly. The crowd began to calm Colonel down, which only made the situation worse. In order to restore the former calmness to this place, Red draws his scythe and raises it above his head. People around him fell silent and looked away at pale repliroid who now had a flower crown made of poppies and dandelions on his head.– “All bark and no bite, fellas?”, Red said loudly and started to lower his weapon, – “Colonel, you shouldn’t search alone. I know how you feel and why you might not want help, but now, the sooner we find that lost soul, the sooner we all will finally rest easy!” Colonel angrily looked in the face of repliroid he had only remembered now and then started to cool down. The atmosphere of the place did the same.– “Well, maybe the past does not have any meaning now. Besides, I know she’s here. I keep hearing her voice in my head from time to time – this has to mean exactly that”, he said and turned around, – “I’ll try again soon… and maybe next time I’ll ask one of you to help… Maybe even you, Red”. With that, he walked away from the crowd to different debris. Red didn’t ask where he was going – pale repliroid just silently watched how Colonel grew smaller and smaller with each step he took, eventually disappearing from sight.– “Was I misinformed?”, General said with his mighty voice, – “I saw how those red and yellow flowers came off your weapon and fell on your head. Is there a different flowerbed somewhere?” Red put his scythe on his back and touched the top of his head. He then put off the flower crown and started to look at it. Poppies on it were different from those that grew in this purgatory – they were slightly bigger and darker. As for dandelions, they were looking kind of withered. One of them was all white, but half of the seeds were already missing, probably after Pegacion gave Red a lift to this gathering spot... Pale repliroid soon started to grin.“Can’t erase me from your memory completely, aren’t you?” He turned to General and shook his head, proving the golden giant’s suspicions wrong.– “Hmm…”, General replied, – “Having a different appearance here is a common thing, as you can see. I guess this flower crown is a part of it as well… Now, Red. Wouldn’t you mind telling us about what happened after Repliforce ceased to exist?”– “As you wish, General”.“This place is absent of time, so my waiting shouldn’t take long, nor should it last a second. You don’t have to rush, pal. And I don’t blame you for not letting go of your past fully. I can see that you’re still continuing to grow – you didn’t stop after that fateful fight... This meeting made me understand something as well…”...“We’ll definitely meet again... since the cauldron for those like us really does exist”.
RXD - Iris by Shinobi-Gambu
.: Alia : Dove Armor :. by Sincity2100
Zero series
Sage Harpuia by Endorzer
Ciel Jacket for Cold by Kamira-Exe
Rockman Zero by Endorzer
Zero and Ciel: Chikyuugi by MintStarMari
ZX series
Ashe Hi by Kamira-Exe
ZX - Aile by Kamira-Exe
ZXA - Ashe by Kamira-Exe
Megaman ZX: Thetis and Prairie Christmas by ElizaVDraws
Legends series
(Redesign) Glyde and Rafale Vrei by HechEff
Megaman Volnutt by supereva01
Classic Cartoon Mega Man Volnutt by DelightfulDiamond7
Acro Caskett by RedDasherCAS
Battle Network series
Mayl Neko Suit Kawaii by Kamira-Exe
Megaman EXE by supereva01
Rock and Roll EXE by Kamira-Exe
CM 25 - Meteorstom by KamiraExp-Commission
Star Force series
Megaman Starforce by supereva01
Megaman: Geo and Luna kagamine valentine by ElizaVDraws
Ryusei no Rockman: la navidad de Subaru y Luna -SP by ElizaVDraws
Megaman Starforce : Geo and Luna Christmas by Akobon
[X: The Animation IF] - StingMagneExplose Chimera by JazzDrawsStuff
Hacker Turned Scientist - Isaac ''IT'' Techniss by JazzDrawsStuff
Is This That Funny Tiktok Dance by BrielleTea
Maingirls by BrielleTea
Capcom Hub and Xiaomu with Skies of Arcadia outfit by meteorstom
COMM: The Meeting by Koniak007
.: YGO GX : Megaman GX :. by Sincity2100
Megaman Battle Network x Digimon sketch1 by meteorstom
Contest entries
Join the Club by marihikari
Roll papercraft by yuri4boris
Mega Man 30th Collab: Mega Man (Fully Charged) by MrTwinklehead

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The Misc folder are for special characters that doesn't really fit into any of the series. So the Misc folder is for characters like Bad Box Art Mega Man from Street Fighter x Tekken, OVER-1 from Rockman Xover, that one Mega Man from the FPS we never got to know about until 6 months after it was dropped called Maverick Hunters aaand due to recent events, Mega Man JR aka Mighty No. 9 (who's series may or may not get their own folder in the future)!

Keep in mind that as soon as two characters from different series, even those listed here (like a picture including OVER-1 and BBA) still goes into the Crossover folder.

Speaking of folders: Please check if you're submitting to the right folder! I just went through just the two first pages of the Classic folder and had to move around about 10 pictures. It's not hard to put them in the right folder, I know you're all cool enough to know how to do it.
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