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Herro! :iconasianfaceplz:

So... what's up? Haven't done a journal thingy since christmas 2011.
I'm sitting here drinking tea (a newfound hobby) at 23:17 when I should be sleeping.

Fun fact: I looked up whether I should've written 11pm or 11am for that paragraph but decided... fuck it. So tell, where you live do you use the 24-hour system or 12-hour system for writing time?

Also, just say hello and do a sexy dance!

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Merry christmas, guys and gals of all shapes and sizes, colors, religions and IQ's!

Or should I say Happy Holidays? Who cares!
Dance for santa!

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A guy who survived the shooting at Utoya, in Norway:…
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So far 76 people declared dead. Alot more injured.

Some government office buildings were bombed in Oslo, Norway killing 8. Hours later a man dressed as a police officer starts a shooting spree at a youth camp killing atleast 68 people. It's one of the deadliest shooting sprees in history. And most of the victims were teenagers for fuck sake.
Supposedly both events are connected and the guy arrested for the shootings is a 32 year old norwegian guy, Anders Behring Breivik. This was no Islamic terrorism.

This whole thing is unbelievable and I haven't slept much tonight. This really impacted me, deeply.

Light a candle for Norway today and for its young children who died. :heart:
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Hey people, and folk! Haven't updated the journal in months.

Everyone who comments gets a thumbnail feature below. Hurray for features!

Loki by Valadix the space miner.5 by Errki-AirCow Wither by Josh-aka-Louie Sofie by dykedude
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Life is a strange thing, isn't it?
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I guess... thank you, those who gave me llamas.
I have no idea what they do, probably nothing right? :P

But llamas are cool. My next life will be in llama form.
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Did I miss your favorite movie in my latest deviation? Fill me in on your favorites!
If I feel like it, I might do another one some day, and I'll definitely include some of the suggestions!

Also, if you're bored, try figuring out all the movies i used :P

Interesting movies for next time:
Angels and Demons
Sleepy Hollow
The Green Mile
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You say the world will be a better place
After this war is won
You say no sacrifice is too great
But every soldier is a mother's son
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Yo what is up, biatches?
What do you think of Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time for those who didn't know.
The movie everyone is talking about, what are your thoughts about it?
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She bought me 3 more months of Premium Account! Thank you for this unexpected christmas present! :D
(I sent one in return :P)

:icondjnecrophelia: djnecrOphelia

I've always liked her art, and she's very underrated so go check her out!

:thumb146235315: :thumb127583541: :thumb135299835:

:thumb137953502: :thumb127585770: :thumb137915390:
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I've updated my website, added Spot the Dot 2 and my self portraits, and also removed tons of digital art that really wasn't necessary.
Also some layout things were removed and added.

check it out, or die.

oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! :dummy:
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Is there anything you would want to see from me? This christmas, I'll do one deviation based on the most popular request! :thumbsup:
If any... :P
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This account has gone... PREMIUM! :iconcheerplz:

My newest watcher will be featured on my profile page. Go check the current one out! ;)
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Hello!! :wave:

Say something! :iconmashedpotatoplz:
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A normal day on MSN:

Rock Lou says:
hey, sexy
wanna buy me a drink?
Erik - says:
woooot woooot Wooo!
grab a grog and drink up
Rock Lou says:
my place or your place?
Erik - says:
Get over ere!
Rock Lou says:
ok sure!
Erik - says:
dont forget to bring a towel
Rock Lou says:
towel's are important!
Erik - says:
I am important!
Rock Lou says:
ur mom
Erik - says:
ur pops
Rock Lou says:
mai mom
Erik - says:
ur mom feasts on lollipops in mah basement!!!!
Rock Lou says:
ur mom is licking the carpet in my basement
Erik - says:
your mom is the the capet in my basement
Rock Lou says:
your mom is gay
and fat
and stupid
Erik - says:
your mom is fat
your momsa brat
and thats illegal
...dont give fishsticks to a saegull
Rock Lou says:
you moms gay
she also smells
jingle bells
Erik - says:
your moms a douchebag
it causes her brains to lag
she also eats tin foil
eggs are made to boil
Rock Lou says:
is my recoil
your mom is your dad
Erik - says:
you are your own granpah!
Rock Lou says:
your mom is your dad
your dad is your mom
you are gay
and you sing along
in my song
cuz my song is sexy
when im done with you
you'll shout 'lou you're smexy'
Erik - says:
if your dad is your mom and your momis your dad
everyone would thnk im odd but im NOT SAD.
its you Lou who be goin BAd
YOure Mad, Lad
Your song Is gay and your lifes a Hoe
In my song I get to rhyme with ELBOW!!
Rock Lou says:
you're song is lame
dude, get with the game
here we aint the same
You went, I came
in your mom
Erik - says:
sorry you came to early
your not also gay but a fairy
you probably write loveletters in yur diary
to some guy named gary
who works in a library!
Rock Lou says:
Shut up man
get with the plan
and you're gay
Erik - says:
if you mean gay as in joy
i wouldnt  ever agree
cause enjoying this conversation
is like a pain in the *peeeep*
and your mom smells repulsive
Rock Lou says:
dude come on...
you're not even trying
unlike me, cuz me, I'm flyin
so stop it now or i'll send you dyin
i'm not even lyin
Erik - says:
you be cryin, lyin
on the darn floor
when im through with you foo
you wont be beggin me for more

your flow is sore
Rock Lou says:
get with the score
or imma shount my roar
Erik - says:
Cmon DUd, get with this, get with that?
your roar is about as sore as a kitty cat

Rock Lou says:
my roar is more than a kitty cat
but your mom is fat
and you got some of that
my roar will kill you, whether you're a mouse or rat
so stop it and shut it, sit down and be sat
Erik - says:
i gots some of that groooves, with me moves
be laughing at ya when ya loose
Imma cow ya brat, not a freakin rat
im the master o disaster, dont ye forget that
ill stop when you shut it, and sit while you stand
cause this cow wont evvah be takin yer command
unless its cake, I guess I could take a brake
but Hey im not a fake, its almost as a bribe
but more like a fee.
oh and bring me one thats extra sprinkly?
Rock Lou says:
goddamn you're lame
we're really not the same
you suck, I have fame
people know my name
I'm wild, you're tame
You're crazy, i'm insane
Erik - says:
you should have shame
when talking of fame
your probly thinkin this is some sort of game
but NO Bro!
its a entirely different directORy
Im the underdog story,
now standing tall with fortune and glory
BOring you may say?
but thats ok, CUSE YOUR GAY
Rock Lou says:
you have got no rhyme
just get with the time
please don't unwind, i'm just speakin my mind
and you just better like
brother don't fight it
now you just bite it
Erik - says:
what is crazy is you repeatin yer self
your the damaged toy one would put on their dusty shelf
like a Lp record with a scratch.
download a patch and zip it in yer hatch.
and boot up your mind for once a time sake
dont break ,just let the rythm of my flow
show yo, whos the true Fake
Rock Lou says:
me, being fake? Don't be obscene
its taking me over 5 hours to render this scene
what the hell is up with this thing sometimes
cinema 4d aint 3d, it just rhymes
it bridges, it mashes, it knives and phongs
somehow I just lost track of our songs
Erik - says:
5 hours persy you say or just lies?
maybe you should try to optimize
cause one frame alone cant take that time
its a difference when your animating Lime
and to success maybe you should cut down on the Fx
reguardless, you just phonged our song
Rock Lou says:
Are you still here?
I thought you were gay, a fag, a queer
So you're still around
for me to pound
with my lyrics and words
my epicness is assured
Erik - says:
bro its my show, youre the one that gets pound
just kneel down to the ground dont make a sound.
cause we know whos the boss whos the king, IM the man!.
my awesomeness is something youll never withstand
on a milkshake your the cream and im the cherry
as an iscream your piggelin , and Im ben N jerry
ill be several steps beyond and always on the top
shining,unwinding bro this flow will never stop
Rock Lou says:
Your flow got no go, and the same goes for you
I know this information might too much to chew
But it has to be done, it has to be said
Your songs are so stupid they might as well be dead
The same goes for you, again and again
You and your songs are women, not men
Babies, in fact. And retarded too
I hope this wasn't too much for you to chew
Erik - says:
alive or dead does it matter, 5 days ago I was a zombie
if babies are retarded, WElll maybe your a baby?
mr,pampers or should i be calling you lady?
cause chewing is too much for you ta do
you probably wish ya could paste some jaws with glue
eat a sho, FOoo
Rock Lou says:
Lyrics aint your thing
your glammer got no bling
your sining got no sing
and chewing is what I do
you better believe it too
who are you to judge me, foo
your answers are all the same
everything is mine to blame
when in fact, you're the one
who fucks it up and fucks it down
you better the heed these words:
you're the clown
Erik - says:
and your from crazy town
from lalala land,
make a stand
dont demand a hand o help from me

you see
cause clowns are funny
and babies are not
dont give it a shot
its ritten in the plot
jag orkar inte mer
måste jobba
gnarfen schnarf yarf!!
Rock Lou says:
yo yo yo
you blow
jag tänkte gå hem typ nu ändå
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The Airband logo thing is part of a school project where my group is going to design a virtual air guitar. Using a wii remote and infra red lights on a pair of gloves, we can track the fingers in a computor and depending on your movements, it makes guitar sounds! We've already been able to do this in a smaller scale.

A world sensation much? :thumbsup:

Become a fan of this project on Facebook!…
It's all in english.

And while you're at it, friend me!… :)
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