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Anime Zombie Apocalypse Team Meme (V1)



Yeah.... Enjoys! ^_^

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My Zombie Apoclyse Team:
Team Leader: Erwin Smith (Well there's quite a few leaders I could chose from. Not only Erwin stands out for his eyebrows {LOL NOPE! XD}. He really stands out to me as a (great leader. He's methodical, brave and ready to make sure humanity survives against the zombies.

Brawler: Saitama (Yang was sooooooo close to claiming the role.... But Saitama can take out zombies with a single punch *sings* ONE PUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNCCCCCHHHH!!! XD Nough said...)

Weapons Expert: Revy (What can I say? Revy's skill with 2 pistols are awesome! And she's a badass! ^_^)

Brains: Armin Arlet (Although, Annie Leonhart is pretty skilled in brains, but L or Near are really skilled. But Armin... well, the team needs some underdogs and Armin is one good underdog. He can come out of his shell and puts his stragises to good when he needs to and.... yeah.) 

Medic: Yukio (I DON'T KNOW THAT MANY MEDICS IN ANIME!! DX Since i've starting reading/watching Blue Exorcist sooooo yeah)

Speed Fighter: Alucard (This guy over powered! :D Sebastian Michealis was close to getting that role. But in my opinion Alucard beats Sebastian hands down! Did I mention Alucards also a badass too? Speaking of badasses..)

Mascot: Happy (Iggy was quite close but.... Happy just seems more fitting to the role! :D)

Guy To Die First: Romano (I just don't like this character and he's annoying. T_T Srry not srry Romano fans!)
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If i have them on my team it been IN Fucking Return of the Living Dead if Paarty time with the dead :headbang: