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Vader vs Maul

based on the splash page from the star wars comic that pitted vader against maul. quite a great little story. done in marker.
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Maul is faster and has the reach with his double bladed saber, but vader is stronger physical and in the force also due to his arms and legs are robotic he should have a better endurance....if I would have to guess I would say vader.
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money on vader
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Go Maul and Vader!

:icondarthvaderplz:: Prepare to die, impostor...

:iconmaulplz:: I'll show you who's the impersonation of a Sith Lord.
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Great painting! Vader vs. Maul. Now that'd be one hell of a show!
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That fight actually happened
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It was a in a comic book where Darth Maul had been resurrected by Dark Acolytes. Vader was sent to kill the Dark Acolytes, but he had engaged Maul in combat. How he beat Maul is....well, I don't wanna spoil the surprise.
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Interesting. I'm gonna have to look into that. Do you know where I can find this comic if its no longer available in print?
That's a great painting, absolutely amazing...
You'r very talented! Would you mind and tell me the name for the comic, please? I would love to read it.
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Vader kills Maul by stabing himself thru the mechanical gut, and into Maul.
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Yea I know. Suicide attempt. What an ending!
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and an epic line from Vader:
 Dying Maul: "What...could you have hated destroy me?"
Vader: "Myself."
And in the end it's all a 'just as planned' test from Palpatine. Seriously, what a dick.
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I have heard of this story in an issue of Star wars magazine, along with a story where Vader fight Stormtroopers with Lightsabres. Where can I find the Vader vs Maul story, or more to the point, what's the comic called?
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The story was called "Resurrection" and can be found in a comic called "Star Wars Tales Volume 3" can probably find it on eBay.
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Dude, this is so obvious! Vader would win! Maul may have killed Qui-Gon but Vader has killed a whole bunch of Jedi (okay, so he didn't on screen but he did offscreen) and has the Empire by his back. Plus, you don't f*** with Vader!
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the mother fuckers of teh universe due battle who will win
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They actually do fight in a canon comic.
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word. my bet is on the man in the mask.
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Wowie this is just an awesome job- great lighting- You really captured the lights and reflections well.
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