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Cosplay Automail Tutorial 2

here is part 2!

again, please let me have some feedback! it is greatly appreciated and I always read every single comment. thank you! (:

here is the process we used to make the automail seen here:

it is made out of craft foam, clay, and paint. it is fairly cheap to make, and much more comfortable to wear than an automail cosplay made of metal.

this tutorial will cover the entire automail arm and leg except the shoulder. for another great tutorial which covers this part, you can go here: [link]

part 1: materials & supplies
part 2
part 3
part 4
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Where is the part for the hand?
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I'm not doing an automail cosplay (pretty new to diy cosplaying), but I was looking around for how to make a robotic-looking cover for one arm. This is so simple I should have thought of it, but I didn't. So useful! Thank you! :D 
Freyaina's avatar
i um bought the stuff needed so far and really still need the other parts not to rush ps not freyania her sister so shhhh just message back when done pls
TheAsterSapphire's avatar
Hello!!!!! can you post the others so I can make this?!
symphonyckuroi's avatar
u helped me a lot!! :D
TheArtOfTheNinja's avatar
Please come out with part 3 and 4
whalesandburgers's avatar
when will part 2 and 3 come out?
GonIsAdorable's avatar
so cool! i'm planning to make one. and these instructions loo like they will help!
LunaColourPencil's avatar
Do u have part 3 for this? like.. the finger parts..
lawlietlover20's avatar
when will you post the tutorial for the leg?
Alittle-Odd's avatar
This is pretty genius, I really love the idea. =]
I want to try a female Ed cosplay but I was really concerned about having fairly realistic automail, not to mention in a decent price range.So this is great! Thank you ^_^
froslinewolf124's avatar
how  long did  it  take u make? i  have  no  expice in crafting  but i need  by  march
deisori-nanobug's avatar
cool! i'm  doing an independent art project so I wanted to cosplay as Edward! it was going to be incomplete without automail!Winry RockBell Chibi Al Jump Rope Icon Jump Roping Ed Flame Alchemist Icon 
FallingBlossoms's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial!
Seychelles666's avatar
YES! I so badly need the hand, though
fire-enturnal's avatar
this looks great but before i ever decice to use a tutorial i like to see pictures of the finished product. can u send me some if possable?
Lunarwolfeclipse's avatar
this is a great tutorial! but I was wondering if you could make one for the hand and leg. I tried with that link but my computer says it can't open it. idk why. but if you could make one for hand and leg I would appreciate it very much.
animelovers299's avatar
is there a 3rd part??
SupMitchel's avatar
My sister is planning on going to a convention as paninya and I was wondering if this tutorial could help with the leg as well?
OtakuWithWiFi's avatar
thank you for the tutorial, I have been looking for it everywhere
Saki-and-Sasori's avatar
This is Fantastich! This tutorial really helped me with the arm portions but I'm still so confused about the hand and finger parts. Do you have another tutorial for those?
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No I don't, sorry. But I recommend this tutorial: [link] she uses a different material than craft foam, but the process and shapes are generally the same. :)
Silleren's avatar
Awe come on... please do the other parts soon T^T
SaekoCivillianRebel's avatar
In the pictures of your automail, is the hand attached to the arm piece? This would be goo to know when I make my arm! Your tutorial will be super helpful, thanks for posting it!
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