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Cosplay Automail Tutorial 1

WOOOW this was super exhausting to make. but I hope it will be worth it and be helpful to many people? please let me have some feedback! it is greatly appreciated and I always read every single comment. thank you!

here is the process we used to make the automail seen here:

it is made out of craft foam, clay, and paint. it is fairly cheap to make, and much more comfortable to wear than an automail cosplay made of metal.

this tutorial will cover the entire automail arm and leg except the shoulder.

part 1: materials & supplies
part 2
part 3
part 4
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How much of the craft foam is needed for just the arm and the hand, would you say? 
do you know where i can find gel medium?? If you dont mind me asking,,
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Is there any chance that you could upload some stock images of these? I'm trying to make cyborgs in photoshop but nobody seems to have any decent stock of them, and your automail looks amazing/would well suit my purposes
i-Nessie's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial, I really need this! :D
But I've a question... why is better thicker cotton leggins and not thin tights? (Sorry for my bad English :P)
rfnkaujcua's avatar
Thanks so much for sharing this!
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you're welcome! :]
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sweet, thanks Robin! :3
rockinrobin's avatar
you're welcome! :]
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where is Part 3 and 4?
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there's not one yet. ^^; I might make more parts someday... maybe not......

but I can recommend a few other tutorials for you, I hope they can help ^_^ [link] and [link]
NikkiNova-ART's avatar
omg thank you so much , ive been looking everywhere for this,
there was no-way i was going to buy a real one,
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Thanks so much for this!! I used this to make a leg for my friend cosplaying Paninya and this was a HUGE help! ^^
rockinrobin's avatar
awesome :D you're welcome, I'm glad it was helpful ^_^
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thx u some much i had found a other tut but this ooks easier how much did the materials cost?
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not too much. probably the most expensive stuff is the gel medium and varnish (which are about $20 each, but you don't need a whole bottle, so maybe you could find a smaller bottle of it.) umm the velcro could be like $10 or so. and super gets a little pricey if you aren't careful and accidentally waste a lot (like we did xD) but not too expensive altogether.
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This is great!! I was looking everywhere to find a good tutorial for my Edward cosplay and this one's amazing!!
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You're awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing, a friend of mine will probably love this since he has to make an automail :D
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