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Pony Collection Event 2014 - Part1

One of three Pictures I'm going to send in to the Event at Equestria Daily.

I've been collecting for 2 years something now.

Jep, there are some fanworks included there (plushies, figurines etc.). If you want to know who made what, just ask me. ;)
Same goes for official stuff as well of course.
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that GIANT poster on the wall...u know, "welcome welcome welcome"
where u get that?
what it made of?
also you're on equestria ya
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Oh, they finally sorted the entries out^^

It's a PVC Banner used by some german bronies to greet Andrea Libman at GalaCon 2013.
otaku4242's avatar makes me jealous...ALOT
every time i see such huge collections, it makes me feel like less of a brony :(
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You don't have to be, really. ;)
All this started with two blindbags, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. And as I say above, I'm collecting for two years now. Considering the amount of money it's like spending 1€ each day. ;)

I do know how hard it is to find merch though. That's why the bigger stuff on that photo was bought at the 2 conventions I've been to. All those posters, plushies and stuff.

And besides that, you're not less of a anything if you don't own way too much merch about that anything. (That were my thoughts while looking at this setup. What am I doing with my life xxD).
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and....i cant visit conventions.
money restraints...ya know