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Friendship is Magic
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Published: November 23, 2015
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That title isn't very creative, I know, but tell me it doesn't fit this and you're lying. :D

Compared to the last episode, this one was a blast.
The ending with the song Rara sang together with the CMC also gets a different meaning when you consider that it was the last thing Amy Keating Rogers ever wrote for this show. She sure will be missed among the show staff.

Also, grats to Lena Hall for making it into a show she is a fan of herself. It was awesome. :D

What did you like best about the episode? Talk about it in the comments if you want. :)

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GJ301Student Filmographer
I love the shading!
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Blackwind06Student Traditional Artist
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Wow, nice shading.

I liked how rationally Rara approached things when Applejack told her what her manager was doing---with maybe the exception of Applejack telling her what to do and then her doing it without question, unless she asked questions about AJ's plan off-camera.
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PlotTwistthePegasus General Artist
The coloring is awesome!
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It's good that Applejack and Rara are still good friends. I guess the lesson for the episode was "You should never try to be somepony you're not."
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RockingScorpionHobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks :)
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
Wonderful ^^
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GwDuncanHobbyist Writer
Lena Hall has a beautiful singing voice, I liked hearing her sing in it, and wonders how Lady Gaga would react if she saw that episode(we all know who Rara was based off)
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GwDuncanHobbyist Writer
Yup, I knew it all along
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BB-KHobbyist Digital Artist
Old friends came back and it's so beautiful. :) Rara, we all love you. :D
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coolpurpledudetteHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great. Love it :D 
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RockingScorpionHobbyist Traditional Artist
My thoughts exactly.
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RockingScorpionHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks :)
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BEautiful work.

Yeah. We'll miss Miss Rogers. Someone made me realized that all the things that Pinkie had to get for her were a reference to all the episodes she wrote.
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RockingScorpionHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm curious now, let's see...

Flowers from the Royal Canterlot Garden - The Best Night Ever
Eclairs by Gustav le Grand - MMMystery on the Friendship Express
Crystals from The Crystal Empire - Crystal Empire
Cherries from Cherry Jubilee - The Last Roundup
Water from Rainbow Falls - Rainbow Falls

Two of those episodes weren't written by her, but three were. It could be a reference, I guess.
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The big amount of apples - Applebuck Season
Nothing related to Bridle Gissip, Fall Weather Friends, Cutie Pox, A Friend in Deed, Pinkie Pride, Filli Vanilli, Testing Testing 1,2,3, and this season's episodes.

Would have been hard.
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RockingScorpionHobbyist Traditional Artist
indeed, lol.
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