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Cyber's fear
In the magical forest Cyber, Ezera, and Plazma were playing a harmless game of hide and seek. As Cyber searched for the her brother she has pulled into a dark portal. Determined to find Cyber, Plazma, and Ezera came out of hiding, and follow. But to their surprise they end up back where they where only it's night time instead of daytime
Plazma: This...just got weird...
Cyber: What's going on? *looks around*
Ezera: *cries*
Plazma: *hugs Ezera* Don't worry...everything will be fine..
Then suddenly the surroundings seem engulfed in darkness. Cyber sees her brothers disapear.
Cyber: No...wait...please don't..leave me here alone...Plazma! Ezera!
The darkness made the place look way spookier than usual. It seemed the further she went down the more dark it got.
Suddenly a ghost of a little girl appeared. She was in a tattered dress, and her long flowing hair was tied in a ribbon
Ghost: *creepy laugh*
Cyber: W..who are you?
Ghost: Let's just..say I'm yours, and everyone's rival....Zara!
:iconrockingiceflame:Rockingiceflame 2 70
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello, I'm Rockingiceflame, but you can call me Heather, or Fantasy. I'm just an extraordinary awesome person who enjoys drawing digital art for the enjoyment of it. A lot of people tell me I'm very nice which is a part of me I'm proud of. Before I used to be very shy, and doubt my artistic ability, But ever since I drew my first drawing I wanted to continue drawing. When I first created my art style last year I never imagined me becoming this popular as quick as I did. I have Yasiku to thank for that he's been always been there to encourage me to be the amazing artist I am today. Mostly my drawings are random ideas that come to me. I look forward to drawing more art, and improving my skill in the future

Random facts

- I am left handed
- My favorite color is magenta
- I'm a starwars fan
- My favorite snack is strawberries
- I enjoy stargazing
- My favorite season is spring (Mostly because of seeing the flowers in bloom)
- My zodiac sign is Pisces

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a amazing day!


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thanks for the llama and the fav n.n7 cute works
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Ever heard of the song Land of Confusion by Genesis, remixed by Disturbed?
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How are you doing?
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Have you seen The Meg yet?
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Hey fantasy glad to see you feeling better
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