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Skaiblr Reference ~ by Chippyyo

:rightarrowiconicon: Name: Skaðiblár
:rightarrowiconicon: Gender: Male
:rightarrowiconicon: Biological Sex: Male
:rightarrowiconicon: Species: Wolf-Ram Feralgen
:rightarrowiconicon: Height: 2.25m/7.4ft
:rightarrowiconicon: Weight: 1989kg/4384lbs
:rightarrowiconicon: Age: Uknown
:rightarrowiconicon: Sexual Orientation: N/A
:rightarrowiconicon: Personality: :leftarrowiconicon:
:rightarrowiconicon: Loyal
:rightarrowiconicon: A little territorial
:rightarrowiconicon: Very protective
:rightarrowiconicon: Brave
[b][i]INFO FOR ARTISTS[/i][/b]
:rightarrowiconicon: As a very huge tail, with some neon light blue, can be detached but not replaced with another type (unique type of connector)
:rightarrowiconicon: When drew with Endiu the size difference must be always followed
Reference made by :instagramiconicon: []Ch… on Instagram[/url]

Original OC by :iconsecondcategoryhuman:


**Note:** This character is inspired by KOINU's Protogen species, but it's not a Protogen neither a Primagen. Limbs cannot be detached, brain is 100% robotic but a perfect replica of a feral biologic brain, there's no biologic face but only the screen, tail can be detached but can't be changed.

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