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3D Statue ~ Endiu Standing Confident

So, everything started with my commission to Lakota Von Wholfang with this piece:…

Other than the pic, Lakota made me a full 3D model to be printed out.

I have to thanks my friends Gass and ShiShi for helping me realize this project, since they printed out the whole model and shipped it to me. Thank you really much for the time you've put in it <3

It was my first time painting something like this, have to say it was pretty hard. Also was my first time using oil paint. Took very long to color this because each color need at least 1-2 day to dry decently to start to work on the next color.

This statue might not be perfect (eye coloring is not perfect and sadly the earring couldn't be printed out because too fragile), but I'm very happy with the result and now I have a mini Endiu standing inside my room :3

Thank you very much to Lakota, Gass and ShiShi <3

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