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Clean Suite
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By rockhevy1000   |   Watch
Published: October 29, 2015
Clean Suite, un skin para rainmeter elegante y minimalista.

Un skin que lo tiene todo, la información mas relevante del sistema y elegante para mostrar tu escritorio. Dos variantes, español e inglés.

Clean Time     - Centrado automático en pantalla. Hora, fecha e información del tiempo en tu ciudad. Click derecho --> Ajustes, para configurar.
Clean Music    - Centrado automático en pantalla. Pista, artista y álbum. Vu meter, para canales izquierdo y derecho (estéreo). Mouse over para controles de música (Anterior - Reproducir/Pausa - Siguiente). Click derecho -->                                                       Ajustes, para configurar.
Clean Info      - Centrado automático en pantalla. Presentación de imágenes, usuario, papelera de reciclaje, carga del CPU, GPU, RAM y NET. Mouse over para información (CPU: temperatura y velocidad de fan. GPU: temperatura                                                  y velocidad de fan. RAM: Memoria total instalada. NET: calidad de señal). Click derecho --> Ajustes, para configurar.
Clean HDD     - 4 discos duros con información de espacio usado. Mouse over para información de tamaño libre. Click sobre el disco para abrir. Click derecho --> Ajustes, para configurar.

Resolución mínima: 1152* 864. Debes de tener SpeedFan y MSI Afterburner instalados y corriendo en el sistema para que muestre la temperatura y velocidad del fan.

Clean Suite, skin for rainmeter elegant and minimalist.

A skin that has everything, the most important info and elegant to show your desktop. Two variants, spanish and english.

Clean Time     - Focuses on your screen. Time, date and weather in your city. Right click --> Configure, for options.
Clean Music    - Focuses on your screen. Track, artist and album. Vu meter, for left and right channels (stereo). Mouse over for music control (Prev - Play/Pause - Next). Right click --> Configure, for options.
Clean Info      - Focuses on your screen. Image gallery, user, recycle bin, CPU, GPU, RAM and NET load. Mouse over for information (CPU: temp and fan RPM. GPU: temp and fan RPM. RAM: total memory installed. NET: signal                                                      strength). Right click --> Configure, for options.
Clean HDD     - 4 hard drive with used space info. Mouse over for free space info. Click for open. Right click --> Configure, for options.

Minimal resolution: 1152* 864. You need SpeedFan and MSI Afterburner installed and run in background for temp and fan info.
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how to install it? ._. i don't know how to use it, please help
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Bues días hermano te escribo de venezuela me gusta mucho el thema que presentas pero soy nuevo en esto y no se como instalarlo sera que tu me puedes hacer un tutorial para poder entender te agradezco y gracias 
ptiboute's avatar
Thanks for your help,with my 6 hdd,works fine
1 question ?
is it possible to make 24 hours(your skin is based on 12)?
i prefer point on the hours
can we hope a update with more(weather,rss,search,etc...)
sorry for my bad english
but it s not important,i keep your skin on my desk and i like it
a great jog and again thanks for the share
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rockhevy1000Hobbyist Writer
Yes, you can.

Right click on the time skin.
Click "Edit Skin"

In the notepad, seek:


And change #I for #H

Save and refresh.

About more items, I try to keep clean, and minimalist. So, I don't think so. But I'm going to do more skins, that include more things and other stuff. Thank, I'm glad you like my work.
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I love it,very nice skin,thanks for the share :)
is it possible for more hdd ?
i have 6 hdd on my computer ;(
rockhevy1000's avatar
rockhevy1000Hobbyist Writer
Thank's! Heart 

It's possible... I tell you how. Nod 

Go to you'r skin folder, usually, C:\Users\***USER***\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\CleanSuite\CleanHDD
You see 4 folders. Copy one folder (ex. copy CleanHDD1 folder) and paste the times you need.
Change the name folder (ex CleanHDD5, CleanHDD6 ... CleanHDD10)
Open the folder you copy.

In that folder you see 2 files. End in -es, -en. Open the file you want to edit with you'r favorite text editor.

Seek this line HDD=#HDD 1# and edit to HDD=G: (or the letter of you hdd drive) save. Change the file name = to folder's name.

Refresh rainmeter. And now you see the new skin. 

If you have any problems, just ask me. 
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Thaks for the help,i ll try this evening
Have a good day :)
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farout49Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty cool :D
rockhevy1000's avatar
rockhevy1000Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! Hope you like it.
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