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Stock Texture - Ice

found a sheet of ice on a bucket of water outside - decided to detach it from the surface of the water ( very cold hands!) and take a few photographs of the structures beneath the surface
this one especially colour wize works as a complete opposite to my image 'boiling' that was a view of water in a boiling kettle

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:bulletblack: Free to use
:bulletblack: Use as you will to suit your purposes
:bulletblack: Note me or link on this original deviation if you use
:bulletblack: credit where credit is due please
:bulletblack: For DA use only !!

All images and literature/written work in =rockgem's gallery are © Gemma Hart.
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Image size
3028x2040px 4.6 MB
Shutter Speed
10/656 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 1, 2008, 11:58:18 AM
© 2008 - 2021 rockgem
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Iduna-Haya's avatar
Thank you for this beautiful texture ^^ I used it here: Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya
rockgem's avatar
thankyou kindly for choosing to use my stock in your art :hug:
Iduna-Haya's avatar
Thank you for providing the great stock ^^ It was fun using textures in a drawing again instead of photomanips 
rockgem's avatar
its a pleasure - I shall keep providing stock as long as people can keep finding uses for it :D
Iduna-Haya's avatar
Same here ^^ I'm also going to try to get some new members for TotallyTextures. Many of the current members haven't submitted in years :/
rockgem's avatar
always good to get new members involved - although a lot of the older ones - they less submit works but more use the textures and resources that the group gathers together and showcases 
Iduna-Haya's avatar
True ^^ But lately there have been very few submissions at all ^^; But I'm working on it.
rockgem's avatar
i have a whole mess of textures lurking in my stash to get posted just i have little time to actually get them up :faint: 
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Jazzman1989's avatar
It reminds me of a sheet of stained glass :heart: I wonder how the color came out like that :wow:
rockgem's avatar
well i just laid it on top of an empty wooden planter and took a picture lol - hit auto contrast and auto levesl in photoshop and thats it
Jazzman1989's avatar
Oh, that seems so simple, yet it came out so beautifully :hug::heart:
rockgem's avatar
lol most my work the most appealing element sin it are often left down to chance if i dunno gives it slightly more of a spontaneous or 'alive' feeling
Jazzman1989's avatar
and it is more fun that way and that is what art should be, fun. :heart:
ScenicRoads's avatar
Ya know, in a way, it looks like there's a
face beneath the ice. Maybe I'm crazy, I
don't know, lol. But it was the first thing
I noticed.
rockgem's avatar
lol nope i sort of saw that myself >< so youl;re not crazy - but really nothignbeneath it than jsut an empty planter made of wood - i just rested the ice on it to get a better camera angle
grubbyboy's avatar
i like this (:
rockgem's avatar
thankyou i must admit i really do like working with things like ice when i can - they create such interesting patterns ( well i think they are interesting)
PyroShadow18's avatar
This is really beautiful. I love how it turned out :) :heart:

rockgem's avatar
thankyou - i thinkit was really lucky that the pictureof this turned out so similar in colours to my 'boiling image' and its liek tis complete opposite! i thinkits just very lucky on my part :D
PyroShadow18's avatar
It's still very much awesome^-^ :heart: ^^

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