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Mechanical Angel

EDIT: wow! thankyou everyone for all the :+fav:s on this work over 1200 in the first 24 hours and still going I'd love to thank everyone individually but when i try dA thinks I'm a spam-bot :giggle: so i shall just say a big thankyou here to everyone who takes the time to look and to those who choose to :+fav: :heart:

my first upload of 2013 :party: ( even if i did make this piece at the end of 2012...)

this is my second entry into :iconsassy-cat-sooo-catty:s fractal manipulation contest
more details found in the journal here…

EDIT II: a pphotograph of a print of this piece framed up and on display in a small exhibition actually did get uploaded before this digital image and can be found in my gallery here

:thumb342685324: :thumb342683157:

EDIT III: my mom asked that for her birthday i create her an edit of this work but less in the copper and brown colours and more in aqua and silver colours to match her front room...


the original reference for the cogs in this can be found here… though i usually just nab them (the cog shapes that is) from my older works where i have used the same resource before.
all other textures and fractal stock are my own, some can be found in my fractal stock folder and some in my texture stock folder, some parts are even recycled from older works of mine.

All images and literature/written work in =rockgem's gallery are � Gemma Hart. All rights reserved. Reproduction and/or retransmission of all or any part of this gallery are prohibited under copyright law. Users desiring to reproduce or retransmit all or any part of this gallery must first secure in writing the appropriate copyright and other authorization from the copyright owner. My work is not public domain.
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Sometimes reality feels like that.

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in what sense?

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As if all your thought and actions are determined and there is no free will.

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all part of a bigger machine

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Hello, I really loved this drawing and I have been looking for a long time ago a cover that passed the idea of a book that I am writing, I would like to know if i can use the image (with the copyright) just for the cover in wattpad (a free, non-profit publishing platform for amateur writers only). I do not know when I will start posting the book, but the name is Mechanical Wing (Asa Mecânica, in Portuguese). And that's not going to be the final cover if I post to sell. If you want more details, I can send you how the cover would be and my user there :)
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Hello, this is a favourite image of mine and i would be delighted if  you wanted to use it, as long as appropriate credit for the image is given, however i can't let you use the image for a final cover - but if you would want an image to use for it  I would be more than happy to create a similar image just for your project :aww:
LadyValaraukar's avatar
Hi, sorry for the delay, i was traveling and totaly forgot to enter in deviantart >.< 
I'm work in the cover in the site Canva to use, this is one of the examples~~ Capa2 by LadyValaraukar  
 i don't know when I'm going to post yet, but as soon as I do, I'll send you the link to look: 3
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hello, great things right there for the model cover :D :clap: hope you had fun while travelling! 
like i said if you want me to create a piece unique for you i will do that  (at no cost) but I can't let you use this image for a final cover image 
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thanks, if I ever get to publish I will budget an own image without rights xD
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I featured your work on my site and credited your name on it as well : Link
Thank you !
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thankyou for showcasing my work but the link you have shared in this comment will not work and only directs back to browsing deviantart.
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Thanks, the browser kept giving me error messages on any link posts to my site. I will try again. let me know Link
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thankyou for the compliment :aww: I love to play with lots of details and textures in my work  - or else the flip side is bold blocky shapes  - but this one was more of a 'i must include ALL the things!' :lmao: 
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hahahaahah! And it looks so great!
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:giggle:  it was also one of those artworks that i tried in one colour, and then another, then another then mentally flailed about a lot as it seemed to work in most colourways i tried :faint: in the end i stuck with the brown and rust colours as it fitted more with the 'mechanical' element 
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It happens. Thats why colour sketch saves you some time :D
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:giggle: most of the time the last think i ever think of is a colour when i work, i just sort of go with the flow 
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thankyou kindly for your compliment on my work :aww:
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I would like to feature your image on my art blog on Amazing Stories:… - with proper credit, and a link back to your DA gallery, of course.
The blog is scheduled for Wednesday 11 December - you will be able to access it through the above link.
Please let me know if it is NOT ok for me to feature this image on the blog! cheers, StarsongStudio
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as long as you link back to my work and credit the image then i am more than happy for you to share it on your blog
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This is wonderful...My two fav medias Steam Punk and Fractal like!
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