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Dance Of Water

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Death of a phoenix

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Rebirth III

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Scaled Cutie III (black and white)

Dance Of Air


Death of a phoenix

Green touch

Learn to walk the middle way, you'll get growth

Let's talk with eyes - Words seems often a lie


Phoenix Feathers

lovefool/ reto #1

Chaotica 1-5-20


Forest of the twisted infinity

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My Bio

By trade I'm now a Horologist - I repair watches, although my art has taken a back-burner for the present I still create it when I find the time to do so & remain a semi-professional artist/freelance artist.

I dabble in a little of everything including crafts, traditional media and photography although I tend towards Digital art specifically fractal manipulation work and occasionally post stock and resources for use,

Sometimes I try my hand at literature and have been lucky enough to have written work featured by the group DailyLitDeviations

( oh and I may have got a Daily Deviation feature or two!)

I'm open for commissions!

The price of a piece of work will depend a lot on what exactly you would want me to create and how long it will take me to complete - I’m open to negotiations - drop me a note for more info!

All images and literature/written work in rockgem's gallery are © Gemma Hart. All rights reserved. Reproduction and/or re-transmission of all or any part of this gallery are prohibited under copyright law. Users desiring to reproduce or re-transmit all or any part of this gallery must first secure in writing the appropriate copyright and other authorization from the copyright owner. My work is not Public Domain.


Some of my work can also be found on here…

Some of my work was found on here… however the site has since closed so my work can be found at…

So... Still Social Distancing...

So... Still Social Distancing...

So, Social distancing is still going here in the UK and for good reason, some of the restrictions are being eased but there is a hell of a lot of confusion about it all :faint: Hope everyone has been staying safe! Lockdown has lead to a big change for all of us. I've finally started getting back into a bit of the swing of things with art it has been a long time coming - hopefully you lot here will like some of the results ( I have shared some of the said results with folks who I know are on here via other social platforms and so far the result has been thumbs up) new work coming soon ( and I mean it this time!!!) away from the creating I have been helping my mom re-model the back garden, :faint: so far i have managed to dig up a bunch of plants and re-pot them all, to keep them better maintained, dig out a raised wall area (that mom was never keen on - remove all the dirt and haphazard rubble, and knock the wall down - THEN re-fill the area with rubble in order to level it

Eclipse, Photo editing, reviving an old challenge?

Eclipse, Photo editing, reviving an old challenge?

So... I have attempted to fathom out Eclipse, I can honestly say thus far I am not a fan,  and as much as there are many folks out there complaining and wanting the 'old deviantART' back, its not going to happen. It has been decided Eclipse is the way forwards and we either have to like it or lump it. :( here's hoping that it improves some. I have been going through some old files and found some photographs that I have been intending to edit ( in some cases for years) so might as well try some of that - found some old ones my mom actually took on a trip up to Scotland that I'm editing up for her  - they will be posted here  and I will make

So... where were we...?

So... where were we...?

 so as an update... 1. Stay safe and stay indoors all my friends out there wherever you are matters kinda got crazy and as much as so many people are not taking this CORVID-19 thing serious it is :(  andas much as you will have heard it over and over again to stay in  - I will say it again. Stay home and stay safe if you can - for those folk who are deemed essential workforce - stay exra safe! 2. I am currently furloughed from work until further notice not much call for horology/watch repair in a pandemic... my manager is retiring soon  - so i might not actually see him before he leaves - that's IF the branch I work at is still in busines

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you are most welcome :D
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