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My Bio

By trade I'm now a Horologist - I repair watches, although my art has taken a back-burner for the present I still create it when I find the time to do so & remain a semi-professional artist/freelance artist.

I dabble in a little of everything including crafts, traditional media and photography although I tend towards Digital art specifically fractal manipulation work and occasionally post stock and resources for use,

Sometimes I try my hand at literature and have been lucky enough to have written work featured by the group DailyLitDeviations

( oh and I may have got a Daily Deviation feature or two!)

I'm open for commissions!

The price of a piece of work will depend a lot on what exactly you would want me to create and how long it will take me to complete - I’m open to negotiations - drop me a note for more info!

All images and literature/written work in rockgem's gallery are © Gemma Hart. All rights reserved. Reproduction and/or re-transmission of all or any part of this gallery are prohibited under copyright law. Users desiring to reproduce or re-transmit all or any part of this gallery must first secure in writing the appropriate copyright and other authorization from the copyright owner. My work is not Public Domain.


Some of my work can also be found on here…

Some of my work was found on here… however the site has since closed so my work can be found at…

Birthday Gift Art for my fans!

Every month I try to create a piece of artwork for all my friends here who have a Birthday that month

  • January - Foxspirit

  • February - Froggy Quartet

  • March - DandeLion...II

  • April - (in stash)

  • May - (in stash)

  • June - (pending)

  • July - (pending)

  • August - (pending)

  • September - (pending)

  • October - (pending)

  • November - (pending)

  • December - (pending)


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February 2021... and honestly not much has altered Still in Lockdown here in the UK for the immediate future, and alas my job is on the line, I work repairing watches - but the kiosk that I work on is located in a department store - that is going to be closing down, it will perhaps open for a while to clear out stock etc. but after that who knows. Here's to hoping that the company that employs me finds a new place to set up shop. the projects I am working on for OrbitalDice is going well - what are people thinking of the little cute doodles? D&D themed Cats, Birds and Dragons will be following on the heels of the Bunnies and the Mice uploaded already :giggle: What are folks thinking on some of the numerals I have been tinkering with? There are some fractal manipulations I am working on but there has been a bit of a hiatus on that as currently during this lockdown ( with the ourdoors weather being a bit rubbish) I have been redecorating and renovating indoors, so far the
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Happy New Year! hope everyone is staying safe out there! I did not end up looking at my calendar in abject horror as for some reason it flicked to read 32nd Dec 2020 or 1st of the 13th 2020 so I am going to say it is a win. the date flicked to 1st January 2021 hurrah! the UK has entered in a new lockdown to try to beat the latest strain of Covid-19 so it isn't the greatest start to 2021 but I would rather start the year with lockdown restrictions than end it without people I care about because of a lack of restrictions. I am Furloughed again from work, and my job is - well for the want of the best word, at risk, but I have faced the prospect of redundancy before so I am not panicking yet on the matter, yet is the operative word, in the meantime I have been fixing up some old vintage furniture and sorting out my spare room/ workspace to accommodate things better. so far so good - I have more storage now but unsure where my desktop will live - it might have to migrate into the
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Hope everyone is staying safe out there! I know my USA friends have the election happening right now - its all pretty crazy from what I am seeing on the news here. The UK where I live ( some of you who watch me might not know that) is slipping into lock-down part 2 as of Thursday due to Covid-19 I shall be furloughed from work again and unsure what is going to happen after that, as in if the lock-down will be the 4 weeks or will it be extended over the festive season - and in turn what that means for employment... :faint: A lot of people struggled with the isolation of the Summer lock-down - throw in the darker evenings and so many people I know will struggle all the more with a Winter lock-down. the UK is also upping it's terror alert level :( the world is becoming a scary place once again. As the weather is starting to get colder and the nights drawing in and concrete won't exactly set great in this weather the garden renovating plans are on hold, ( next year there will
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