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Verne's Nautilus papercraft

I tried to make this model as true to the novel as possible. The hull retains the 4:35 ratio as described, the ram is in the shape of an isosceles triangle, the salon window is towards the bow, the diving plane is amidships, and the pilothouse and light retract into the hull during ramming attacks. I did make some improvisations, however. The hull proportions refer the the hull only, meaning that the ram and rudder are not accounted for. I took the rudder assembly from the French submarine Plongeur, which was Verne's own inspiration. Unlike other designs, I designed the propeller as a simple rectangular paddle blade assembly, corresponding with contemporary propeller designs (also 'cus I'm a lazy bum ^_^)

Please click "download file" to get the model.

Look what Gerald did to my model! [link]
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FUN STUFF. My design might be a little off on the height but I also took the measurements to indicate only the hull itself.