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Steam Clipper Agamemnon - Paper model kit

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EXTRAORDINARY! I'm a merchant (especially passenger) ship nut and I've been getting into the early days of steamships and packet steamers lately. I was just reading about the Agammenon's use of Achimedes' screw and improved compound engine and higher boiler pressure and the revolution it was over the paddle wheel and early screw steamers. This one goes on my short list of projects to do!

I'm continually impressed by the quality of your work and the plethora of subjects! Ships, Airships, Architecture, etc. Like your project the Third Reich's would-be "Great Hall." I'm reading Gitta Sereny's "Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth," which is very good--and very balanced, and still find his architecture interesting.The Great Hall was an obscene concept, mostly driven by Hitler, but it is interesting to hear Speer--in his words to Sereny, and in "Inside the Third Reich"--express his anger at not being able to continue with his architectural plans for Berlin and beyond because Hitler started the war, obviously ending peacetime projects. Although, the Great Hall was not his primary concern; it was Hitler's. 

Just imagine if German energy had been applied to commercial efforts--liners to compete with the Queen Mary and Normandie and Rex, and Zeppelins that could beat them all! I dig Airships, too. My favorite architecture is skyscrapers and, oddly, broadcast towers. I work in radio and the rest of the world takes their broadcast towers seriously, both technologically AND aesthetically. (Alt History helps round out my interests, so I when I found this site, I knew I found a favorite place!)

Lead on with your plolific greatness!
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I'm definitely gonna have to build this soon!