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Starship Troopers Power Armor Paper Model Kit

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Well, after my training cruise I'm finally back in the saddle!! Starship Troopers has always been one of my favorite books, and although some of the rhetoric may seem fascist by some, I've tried to apply some of Heinlein's ideas expressed in the novel to my own career as an officer cadet.

Anyways, the power armor still tickles the geeky side of me, and I've always wanted to make my own version of it, and so here it is. I tried to stay true to the book (or, at least as true as it could be with the little physical description Heinlein intentionally included in the novel), while exercising some of my own design choices to fill in the blanks. I decided to give the suit a functional appearance, settling on an angular shape, dotted with annoying velcro and webbed straps for the attachment of various accouterments a la the ACU. At the same time, the color scheme, insignia, etc. was based on the Korean War-era Army working uniform.
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Thank you for such a neatly workmanlike Starship Troopers Power Armour model, Bryan my friend.
I had for a long time hoped such a kit would appear.
I like the way it looks, being that it fits so neatly into the stylistic ethos of both the book and the movie.
Once again, many Thanks.😀 Well Done!

Kind and Respecful Regards Bryan, Uyraell.