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LZ 129 Hindenburg Airship paper model

By RocketmanTan
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Preview image here .


In a sense, this model took four years to design. Started some first attempts (e.g. experimenting with doing the various hull parts) way back when I was still using Publisher to design crap, and I was finally able to get the ribbing right just a few weeks ago. Then, of course, my computer decides to crash right before bronycon and what have you, but hey, it's finally done!
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This is more than a model. It also covers some history that I did not know. Thanks! 
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I have attempted to construct this model several times, but the results are always disappointing. The model design has no connecting tabs, and when constructed with just the 'rings' as the only way of joining the 14 hull sections together, it vaguely resembles the Hindenburg, sliced into separate 'barrel sections' and then glued back together! The rings fit too tightly into those 'barrel sections' to give the airship total structural integrity; with a streamlined look as its historic, real-life counterpart possessed before the 1937 disaster! I attempted to design an alternate way of attaching each section to the next by first cutting my 'own tabs' as Mr. Tan suggests, but that method succeeded only in the partial exposure of the circular rings between the hull's 'barrel sections.' Next, I tried to build a series of card stock support strips, measured to match the correct diameter of the appropriate former rings, attached to the forward edges of each consecutive hull section, and once dried, attaching the correct former ring on top...sort of a stationary platform on which to glue the next hull section. But, once again, I found that this method resulted in uneven continuity of the longitudinal 'ribbed girders' of the entire model airship and the outer envelope showed visible evidence of surface irregularities where one section attached to the next. I suppose the finished effect that I have attempted to achieve is a clean, consistent surface to the model's outer envelope, from bow to stern instead of the 'patchwork' appearance of separate barrels glued to each other in the general shape of an airship. I'm also curious as to where the propellers are......
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Thanks for this excellent model. I have been a fan of the Hindenburg since the mid-70's. I really like that you included the extra parts, and now I can build the Hindenburg III from Sky Captain.
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Hey, I have the same question as one of the previous posters: how do we connect the white rings with the ribbed surfaces? I'm trying to build it as a chandelier for my room!
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You'll need to cut out your own tabs to attach the rings, if that's what you're asking.
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WOW!  That's beautiful!  Thanks so much for sharing.  I've always loved dirigibles and wonder why they don't fill our skies, like in so many comic and movie worlds.  I'm also glad the you include the uncensored Nazi flags.  Personally, if I was a German Jew I would be offended by the censorship of the swastika in a historical context.  It's like pretending a very important and painful part of history didn't happen, which is worse than if the swastikas were visible.  That's my opinion in any case.  Thanks again!
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Could you please tell me how to connect the white rings with the hull?

Könntest Du mir bitte erklären, wie ich die weißen Ringe mit der Hülle verbinden soll?
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Ich habe Ihnen geschrieben :)
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Nice model! I'm gonna build it when I go home!
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Is a beautiful thing!! I'll keep ya posted!
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Truly incredible papermodel, with really superb quality. And it's also tempting to build since that's second papermodel of it I've seen. (the first one is schreiber-bogen I've bought in Zeppelin museum in Friedrichshaven for 40 bucks.)
Having an opportunity to download this great papermodel for free makes me say: "Many thanks,mister! You have our gratitude" :nod:

P.S.: Maybe I've overlooked the scale, but I wonder what it might be. :hmm:
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Wow great job, that surely needed endless long!
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Now, that definitely looks like it took a couple years to complete. 0.0
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