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Halo - M6D Pistol Papercraft Replica

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This is for what paper size? A4?
This is my first attempt doing anything like this. Just one question, Do i cut out as is or do i need to make my own tabs? and thanks so much i cant wait to get started!
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If you want tabs, you'll have to draw them in yourself as I tend to design my models to be built using butt-joints.
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I downloaded your schematics and have built your model, albeit a bit more different from your version.  The build thread for it will be over at Zealot and at Papermodelers.  I believe that you will be pleased with the results.    the finished model will be posted on my page here at deviant art later.  Thanks for your contribution and for sharing in your works.
Hi, which paper do you use? I'm searching for a good paper and i can't figure out which one is the best to build papercraft models. Glossy? Matte? Textured? Photo paper? 
Could you give me a little help? >.< 
(Sorry for my english, my native language is portuguese)
Thank you!
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Your english is actually really good! I wouldn't have suspected anything if you hadn't pointed it out, hahah.

But to answer your question, I would recommend keeping both glossy and matte finish papers, assuming that you have a printer and ink that can handle both. However, which parts you print laminated and which parts are matte depends on your personal preference and what you think is right. For instance, a katana blade certainly wouldn't be matte, just as a tank wouldn't be glossy. That said, what I would recommend is keeping the shiny kind of shipping tape on hand. What I usually do for 'glossiness' is just apply a layer of the shipping tape onto the desired does wonders, considering how simple it sounds!
Hey, Rocketma, can you please put pictures of the gun on all sides? Like, ridght side, left side, view from top, view from bottom.... and maybe some individual pieces next to where they are supposed to go. Oh, and view looking straight at the muzzle and stock of the gun. Please? That would help me so much. thanks :)
The part i need most help with is the muzzle area, like the upper mandible, lower mandible, how the muzzle fits on..... Etc.
Actually, after studying the sheet and the picture for 30-35 minutes, i think I've figured out most of it.... But i just want a little breakdown of the muzzle end. that's all I ask. :)
Muzzle end of the barrel, that is: Eveything on top and bottom of the muzzle :P
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Good project idea! I dont think regular white paper will last long though if I were to try this project out. Is card stock a printable substitute?
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I design all my models for cardstock, so I'd highly recommend it.
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Thanks for the recommendation. :)
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AWESOME DUDE, this is perfect for my little project. Thanks dude!
Hey I'm not that much of a genius so I'm pretty lost please help me out. I really need instructions.
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Okay, what specific parts are you having trouble with
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They're written with most of the parts.  Just place each part to the spot with its name written on there, use the finished model pic for reference, and you should be fine.  Should be easy if you're a genius as your username indicates.
Magnum is great but make pelican or better version of frigate :D
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Because I'm totally going to listen to what some grammarless fuck on the internet has to say.  I'M NOT TAKING REQUESTS, IT SAYS SO RIGHT FUCKING THERE ON MY DEVIANTART PAGE, JESUS.
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Nice job on this one dude!
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You're welcome my friend! Clap 

How you been?

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Meh, life's been having its ups and downs, but things have been alright now that I'm on holiday.  Classes start soon, though, so that's not exactly fun, hahah
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