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HMS Surprise Paper Model

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Preview image here .


First time doing a full-rigged gentle!

Special thanks to my boyfriend for helping with the testbuild!

...and for providing other support ;)
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sorry what program did you use to make this fantastic model?

I'm also interested in sailing warships like the surprise

Sorry for ask it like year after, but I am a fan of History and I just watched Master And Commander, I got a love for the HMS Surprise. I could not understend how to Build the cannons, can someone explain me?
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Great work! Thanks for sharing it!
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nice template for a great boat... i will be able to sub some of the parts for wood and cloth as this is right up my alley POB wooden models... thanks 
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very nice Work!!! i love old ships and papercraft! check my profile:D
where's the instruction to arrange it? i am confused.
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Unfortunately, I don't do instructions that frequently, as a lot of people don't need them, and I myself have gotten a little lazy...
I would recommend starting with the waterline and attaching the formers. Place the lower halves of the masts in their proper positions marked by the circles on the waterline piece in front of formers 1, 2, and 4. After that, attach the hull around the "skeleton" you now have. Cut holes in the corresponding areas on the deck and slide that piece down until it rests on the formers.
After that, attach the remaining pieces to their corresponding spots.

If you have any specific issues, don't hesitate to send me a note; I'll see what I can do.
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