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Full size Vanguard 1 Spacecraft papercraft

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Alrighty, bloggers, I have two images for you to mix and match this time around. You can find them here and here


Have you ever wanted to own a personal satellite? Well, now you can! This model is a one-to-one (1:1) scale model of Vanguard 1, the US Navy's response to the Soviet Sputnik. While Vanguard eventually became the second US satellite to go into space (Explorer 1 was the first) and the fourth manmade object to go up, it is still orbiting high above Earth, the longest-orbiting manmade satellite so far. Own a part of space history today by clicking "download file" and printing out this papercraft!

Ohkay, wow that was a shit pitch. Anyways, I've finally gotten rid of that stupid "nighthawk models" thing for good with a minor revision of the cover page. And, since I've started taking a technical drawing course, I'm probably going to be doing formal instructions from now on, both as practice and as a small "take that" to my instructor :P Really, this model shouldn't be too hard to build; it's just a single sphere with six antennae and six small boxes glued on to it. As it says on the tin, this model is a 1:1 scale model of the Vanguard One satellite. I've included roll-up antennae for those without 30cm skewers.
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This is fantastic! I knew the late NASA astronomer Dr. John A. O'Keefe who discovered Earth's slight pear-shape using Vanguard 1 data. :-)
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Um... Kinda reminds me of the Toclafane from Doctor Who when in attack-mode.
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this is insanely awesome
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..what page are your papercrafts meant for?

It looks nice (like all your other ones), I might make this as well. :)
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They're meant for US Letter. I'll probably be redrawing the 1:1 models to fit on A4 for the european builders.
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oh ok. For some reason, 8.5x11 keeps cutting off on the sides. (?) I'll have to look a bit further into this.
Thanks for taking the care to answer my question! :)
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