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Ender's Game - Dreadnought Papercraft



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Yep!  Finally got around to doing models from the Ender's Game movie!

Am I going to use this as a soapbox to help spread the word of LGBT tolerance?  You bet I am.
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Fantastic model kit, bro! And as a bisexual man, your letter to LGBTQ+ people... well, it might just be that it's late and emotions tend to run high when you're tired, but it made me feel very loved. My day job sees me having to work around people who belittle the LGBTQ+ movement, and I'm low man on the totem pole, so I put up with a lot of talk that I would love to debate, if I didn't know I'd be silenced into submission by a kind of mindset that thinks that loudest shouting wins the debate (or at least, demoralizing your opponent). I feel very fake sometimes because I feel I have to agree with opinions I don't actually agree with in order to blend in, or else deal with tension from all my coworkers, which might be worse for me as I suffer from depression and anxiety.

I know it wasn't directed at me personally, but it came across very personally, and I just wanted to say that while I wasn't expecting such a loving message when I saw the link and said, "Oooh! Another shiny spaceship to add to my pile of kits I want to build!", it was most appreciated. Thank you!