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Ender's Game - Dreadnought Papercraft

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Preview image here .


Yep!  Finally got around to doing models from the Ender's Game movie!

Am I going to use this as a soapbox to help spread the word of LGBT tolerance?  You bet I am.
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Fantastic model kit, bro! And as a bisexual man, your letter to LGBTQ+ people... well, it might just be that it's late and emotions tend to run high when you're tired, but it made me feel very loved. My day job sees me having to work around people who belittle the LGBTQ+ movement, and I'm low man on the totem pole, so I put up with a lot of talk that I would love to debate, if I didn't know I'd be silenced into submission by a kind of mindset that thinks that loudest shouting wins the debate (or at least, demoralizing your opponent). I feel very fake sometimes because I feel I have to agree with opinions I don't actually agree with in order to blend in, or else deal with tension from all my coworkers, which might be worse for me as I suffer from depression and anxiety.

I know it wasn't directed at me personally, but it came across very personally, and I just wanted to say that while I wasn't expecting such a loving message when I saw the link and said, "Oooh! Another shiny spaceship to add to my pile of kits I want to build!", it was most appreciated. Thank you!


Otherwise, can you make the UNSC Spirit of Fire or the Pillar of Autumn as it existed in Halo Reach?

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Thanks for your LGBTQ standing. The world needs it. I'm a 71-year-old Seattle-area white guy and I'm behind you 100%.
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It's people like you that shoot down the whole "different era, different values" argument.  Thank you :)
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What other ships do you  plan on designing?  Possibly an interstellar transport ship?  That would be great.  My build of this is going great; thanks a million for the design
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I can't exactly say, since it seems that whenever I tell people what my next model will be, some horrible series of events prevent me from ever completing them, hahah.  All I can tell you is that the series will hopefully be fairly comprehensive :P
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Yay!  I'm looking forward to more
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That was a shit movie.  Great model tho!
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I LOVE this model.  It isn't too difficult, but is still a beautiful, accurate model of the ship
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Good job! This is amazing!
I still can't figure out how you do the first page of everything you post -- those models.
:^} glad you're taking a stand
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I'm glad you like it!  Actually, about the first pages...I've been looking for someone who could possibly help do illustrations for models in the future.  Maybe you'd be interested in collab'ing with me on that? :)
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Eh-- I'm pretty bad with geometrical shapes. But we can have a conversation online about those.
Still in awe of the models *__*
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Oh, don't worry about drawing the models themselves!  Sometimes I just need a hand or two drawing little cut-out figures for some kits, so if you're ever up for it, I'd be really grateful for your help!
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