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Alien - Starfreighter Nostromo Paper Model Kit

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Preview image here .


DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER: Obviously the legal disclaimer crap on the cover page is fake. I'm sure most people knew that already, but there will always be the one or two idiots out there who take stuff way too seriously and at face value.

Anywhosies, model is in 1:500 scale.  Enjoy.
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Hi RocketmanTan, what a great model you created. It's taken some time to get round to building it but I'm pleased with the result, although the painting isn't finished yet. I simply went for a more 3D look, but a warning the surface contains a vast number of overlapping shapes and you really have to keep at it. Just doing one face just doesn't look right. Thanks again for this model from my favourite film series.


Wow finally I can also build for a reasonable price. I try to convert paper to Styrene. Thanks to you oh great Archtect RocketmanTan!:eager:

Any discussion regarding instructions? I'm new to papercraft - only two projects behind me so far, one had explicit instructions, the other was totally obvious, this one... well, how about page one? The foot - is it supposed to fold down the dark line bisecting the two X's? Then it's not real clear how the landing leg is supposed to attach. My plan going forward is to just cut them out of the paper, and experiment, but it's good paper - colored 120 grams per square meter - I'd like to make as few trial-by-error mistakes as possible.


I'm beginning to think the foot folds UP like a tulip...
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Great Stuff man!
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Add your own texture, convert PDF to image file, Im using Microsoft Digital Imaging. I repaint a lot that way.
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RocketmanTan; this is awesome, thank you for sharing..  Seeing as how the Halcyon kit is either hundreds of dollars or completely unavailable, transferring these templates to styrene sheet for a model build is a great alternative (granted, much more work).
Quick question; how long is the Nostromo nose to tail at 1:500 scale? I'd like to scale the printing to around 12inches (30cm) in length. 
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At 1:500, she should be around 19in long
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There's no tabs to connect anything.... Was this not done in Pepakura?
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nope; this was not done in Pepakura; I would never use that program.

As for tabs, a lot of modelers prefer butt-joints instead, hence the reason I'm omitting them.
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Why would you not use pepakura? And I 've never seen a modeler that prefers not to have glue tabs, besides you could just cut them off with zero effort if you dont need them. How can you call yourself a paper modeler and use duck tape?

P.S. The model has no textures so I assume this is a test build. When can we expect to see the end version?
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what scale is this?  It looks awesome
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thanks.  Silly me.  Totally missed that in the description!
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Well done.  It's much bigger than I expected and a longer build.  I look forward to spending some time on this.  Thanks!
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Very cool, have you seen the Sulaco project from Alienspapercraft?

If not, here is the link,
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