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Albert Speer's Volkshalle Paper Model Kit



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Preview image here .


*Megalomaniacal tendencies and implied freudian inferiority complexes not included.
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Man, your stuff is great! I came across your Sputnik as I started to get into Paper Models. You (and Deviant Art!) kick ass!

I like transportation (especially ships), space and spaceships (Star Trek and passenger starships of all), and buildings of all kinds (especially skyscrapers, Broadcast towers, public buildings, and mansions)

Moral issues aside, Albert Speer’s stuff is fascinating, even more if you’re interested in neo-classical/federalist construction and/or public buildings. Speer’s boss was no lightweight, either. Dr. Fritz Tödt (who Hitler almost certainly had killed) built the Autobahn.

It’s cool to see what the Great Hall might have looked like. Hitler’s involvement tainted Speer’s plans to the point of ridiculous. It was such a monstrosity, that Dr. Speer
worried it might actually accumulate enough fog (clouds) in the dome to cause condensation to fall on the crowd (rain!). But, much worse, he had serious doubts the thing could even stay up! His foundation tests in Berlin went very badly.

Dr. Speer said he was angry Hitler started the war and prevented the urban renewal the young architect had hoped to oversee. Whether true or not, nice job of ‘what might have been’…