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By rocketllama
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Autistic electric
A spark that fizzles
Out with no sound
Traced from a coloring book
Book-ending incapacity
Lacking humanity
A blob of a bastard
Simmering in it's own

     Stay Straight
Or it will break you dead
Blubbering and hateful
   He will
  Come down
At you

Ballistic bullshit without motion
Recycling it's essence so
Nothing new can be created
From mindless hodgepodge
A genetic dead-end

You dorks.
The first of what I imagine will be many poems about Christian Weston Chandler.

Zappin' to the extreme!
© 2009 - 2020 rocketllama
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This is awesome :D I love the way you turned the pure fail of Chris-chan into an awesome poem :DD
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It is pretty awesome.
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Needs more Haiku.
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This is amazing. Love me tender.
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You'd like that.
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I only had to see the title and the first line to know you were talking about CWC

Did you see Guru Larry' interview with the gy? Got quite a reaction out of him when Larry mentions Spax3 and his Creab obsession.

His eyes open wide.

He licked his lips.

And somewhere, God just facepalmed.
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God created Chris to destroy everything decent left in the world.
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I'm not too worried about that.

Guy thinks you recycle jizz by DRINKING IT... WITH FANTA.

Fanta's fucking gross.
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Fanta is destroyed forever.

You should do some CWC art.
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No. I'd rather not disgrace myself by rendering an image of the moron.
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Have I disgraced myself?
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Chris hasn't tried poetry, so it's not uncool by association.

He has however tried drawing... so...

no seriously.... WHY the fuck does he hold the pen like that?
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Ah, dear Chris-chan. Bless his heat.

(Someone I can look at when I think that I'm one of the most ridiculed men on the tubes. At least I don't fap on the web cam.)
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I meant, bless his heart. Radio Edit Spell Checker!
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Also, thanks for the comemnt!
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We in the Chris trolling community have actually always wanted to see you join us. Gonterman vs. Chris Chan: Epic Battle of the Internets.

You should consider it. It would rock the world man.
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I'm a bit hesitant. Me vs. that guy would be no contest. I'd put the poor dear in a wheelchair.

But anyway, if you have such a community, I'll look into it.
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[link] #legi0n with a 0 is the gateway. Seriously please do stop by.
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