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Mr. Moonlight is the bringer of the chill
Outside, the King's Men haunt my dreams still
They're animals that want to chase and eat me
Lest the nightmares overtake me and move in for the kill
But I won't let them near

In the jungles of the basements that have long been sealed away
Something's down there lurking, smelling out for it's prey
They'll grab you by your shoe and drag you into the black
If you can pull yourself up you'll still never see the day
There's reason to fear

Keep your mind open when your eyes are closed
Don't get your hopes up
You might make it out tonight
But when there's no more light
They'll catch you in your evening clothes

Now you're up in Batman drag and you'ree gonna take a stab
At a mystery involving some Victorian cad
But you're looking aorund and there's nothing you've found
It's bringing you down and making you sad
Isn't that a shame

So you're riding in an elevator up to the top
She gets in a few floors up and you feel your heart stop
She's got red hair and green eyes, and she seems rather scared
You're feeling like a dandy as she fondles your pomp
She needs someone to blame

You somehow sense there's a conspiracy afoot
It wants to hurt her
But if you've got her back
You've got her back in the sack
You're a hero because of where you want to put

You're dicking around watching the end of the world
Giddy and giggling like a little girl
Everything's done and your toaster's fucked up
You're woes have gone form none to plural
It all seems so wrong

You're shit out of reason, getting by on rhyme
Been slipping it by for the longest time
There's madmen on your heels and dark gods in the shadows
You've always changed directions, but can you stop on a dime?
Too long, too far gone

It's so sad to see what you've become
We're sorry for what we did
We'd sure take it all back
But cut us some slack
You'll never get back to where you're from

We're so glad that you played, we hate to see you go
But that's the way it is
But as they pile onto you
And do the things that they do
We hope that you enjoyed the show
I couldn't think of a good title, so I gave it a meaningless one.
© 2009 - 2020 rocketllama
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Wow, so strange to see you using traditional end rhyme and format It was great! I really enjoyed the show. ;)