Empty Jim II

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Empty Jim
We had some good times
But I pissed it all away
Empty Jim
Lying around on the fringe
Of a burnt out yesterday
Empty Jim
Faithful friend
So loyal and so true
Empty Jim
What am I
If I can't be with you?

Empty Jim
What were we doing
What have we achieved?
I don't know
But I doubt that information
Would provide me any relief
Just a name
Scrawled on my hand
And glasses overturned
Empty Jim
I wish I knew
What lesson we have learned

Why were we put here?
What have we done?
How can we keep our heads
Out of the sun
Morning approaches with cruel reprisal
Sunday brings no new arrival

Empty Jim
There you are
How fond the memories
Though dim
The haze only magnifies
The smiling imagery
Empty Jim
Be empty no more
Let's see another day
Lovers flatter, friends don't matter
It's you i want to stay
Booze song
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Nice to see you post it.