An Education

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By rocketllama
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I don't know if you're informed about the way you lay
Arching, curving lithely like a snake fixed on its prey
I don't think I understand the way that your lips move
Slither til they're close to me and see if I improve

You don't trust the one you see reflected in your stare
But you say you aren't afraid of it when I'm there
I don't trust you trusting me, but don't want you to quit
Now it's ending soon and still it hasn't started yet

The tearful edge of your smile cuts my wicked soul
You say the world's hurting you then give me control
Though I doubt your wisdom, I won't reject your touch
If what you want is love, then prepare to learn too much

I'll tear your heart right out of you, but accidentally
Drive you past your breaking point and never leave my knees
Love to me is something doubtful, beautiful, obscene
We may deserve each other, but what does that really mean?

Let me put my arms around you and let you draw me in
Let me own every inch of you, your breath and soul and sin
Be my goddess, be my devil, be my monkey's paw
Tell me where you want to go and I'll take you too far

I can see right through you as you look inside of me
Cleverly you've deduced that I don't want to be free
With wantom realization you let your fingers turn the key
Chain me to your feet and I will follow where you lead
I don't write many poems about love. Everyone writes poems about love, so I figure I don't have to. Usually I write about dreams or the kooky shit I think about when I'm drunk or on drugs, or just words for words sake.

This is an exception.
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