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The 7F Coop Flyer

Put together from parts of two planes and a one submarine, I give you the 7F better known as "Coop Flyer"

The "Coop Flyer" was invented in 1942 by Aeronautics genius Leopold Von Fuser. criticized by every plane manufacturer in the planet because of it's bold placement of two over-sized engines and the usage of Ailerons on the front of the wing. This unusual airplane can achieve speeds over Mach3, making it the most dangerous airplane during WWII, this scared most pilots from flying it. The 7F takes it's nickname "Coop Flyer" from Baroness L'Cooper the only pilot known to survive and to be capable of flying this infernal machine.
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Is this an actual aircraft or something you created?
It is both a very unusual and interesting craft. :)
ShoujouhiKarasu's avatar
This is fantastic on so many levels, It looks like it could be a spaceship. Excellent work. :thumbsup:
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Haha, very imaginative- was one of the donor airplanes a P-38? That wing (and engine nacelles) is unmistakable XD

Y'know, I think I had read some time ago of somebody designing a prop airplane for the express purpose of exceeding the sound barrier with that kind of aircraft. Never did find out if they did or not.
skulleevee's avatar
lockeed martin bilt the p-38 linghtling
Ravens-Cry's avatar
It is a VERY cool design, but alas, it is IMPOSSIBLE for a propeller aircraft to breach Mach 1. It's very cool, but the overblown description rather ruins the verisimilitude.
Rocketeam's avatar
"it is IMPOSSIBLE for a propeller aircraft to breach Mach 1."

C'mon, I pulled that stuff outta my ass for the sake of fantasy
Ravens-Cry's avatar
Well, I am just saying it ruins that feeling of 'OMG, could she fly, 4REALS?!' It is still kick ass model, but it takes away some of the 'wow' factor. Still great work, nothing to complain about there.
Sweeeeeeeeet nice work.
JAWCooper's avatar
Fu! You are the coolest person on the planet! "Harold L'Cooper" is hanging from my ceiling right now. I'll make you something in exchange as soon as this week is over.
Inkompetent's avatar
A very, very nice model.

I mostly react to the story. Invented in 1948 and the fastest airplane in WW2, although WW2 ended 1945, and reaching speeds of Mach3 with propellers, which barely any jet fighter today can achieve?
Rocketeam's avatar
exactly, it's all about the fact that if this plane was built by some Russian mad scientist who pushed every concept to the limit, thus making the most impossible flying machine ever!
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