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Before I get to the documentaries I watched between the start of 2019 and the end of last year, I need to add two more movies to the list of ones that I didn't like which I neglected to include in my last journal entry. They may be a couple of the worst, so it's strange that I forgot about them, unless I just hated them so much that my mind tried to obliterate them from my memory, as one might a traumatic event. The Astronaut's Wife Charlize Theron senses her astronaut husband (Johnny Depp) is different after returning from space. I knew that this movie had poor reviews and a low score on imdb, but I watched it anyway, thinking it might at least be entertainingly cheesy. My bad. Instead, it was one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever willingly subjected myself to. Well, how was I to know? It has the exact same score on imdb as Aeon Flux, a poorly reviewed Charlize Theron sci-fi movie I actually kinda like. Leaving Las Vegas Roger Ebert called this the best movie of the
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Okay, since in my last journal, I talked a little about the movies I loved or liked the most out of the ones I watched over the previous three years, now I'm going to list some of the movies I disliked the most. In case it needs clarifying, these are just movies that were new to me that I saw in that time period; they weren't necessarily released between '19 and '21. An Officer and a Gentleman I watch a lot of reaction videos on YouTube and it often bugs me when the reactors don't get the references in the shows or movies they're watching. That's probably an elitist attitude since I know it's impossible to be well acquainted with every piece of culture that might be referenced, but sometimes I can't help slapping my forehead at how ignorant some people seem. For example, I saw someone react to The Big Lebowski and was annoyed when John Goodman's character says "Goodnight, sweet prince" and the YouTuber watching the movie responded with, "Is that where that's from?" A lot of
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Sheesh, it's been over a year since I wrote anything in this space. While it's pretty apparent that I lack the chops to be a serious reviewer - not that I ever aspired to be - because I don't want my dA page to totally stagnate and I because I don't know what else to do with my journal here most of the time, I started using it to list the titles of books I'd read and movies I'd watched and giving my thoughts on them. However, given the fact that It laughably took me most of 2020 to finish listing the movies I'd watched in 2018, it seemed fairly evident to me that the task of writing "reviews" (and I use that term loosely), even if they just consisted of a sentence of two, had started to be too much of a chore to keep up with it, plus it hardly seemed worth the effort, since few people seem that interested in what I have to say anyway... not that I blame them. Nevertheless, I had been been privately maintaining a Word document with a list of every film I watched and I would
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Hello? @rocketdave ? You around?

Yes, I'm still around... for now.

Oh, you doin ok? 😣😣

I don't think so.

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Hey Dave how are you man, hey man 😎. Just want to say you really have a great sense for styles of art, and really appreciate the fan art you make for people for commissions πŸ˜€. Have you also done your own work before but also with your style πŸ˜€?.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Honestly, while I have produced original art, I feel like I've spent so much time trying to copy other people's styles, I haven't focused enough on my own ideas to fully develop my own style. I mean, there is a particular way that I draw that is probably unmistakably my own, especially when I'm trying to draw semi-realistically. However, when I want to draw something that's more cartoony - like if I were to do a comic strip, for example - I don't think I've quite settled on one specific way of drawing characters.

Sorry, that may be a longer answer than you wanted, but what exactly constitutes my style is something I've thought about often.

oh okay very interesting, maybe you can practice with making your style by making doodles. Also what helps me is looking at floor patterns and Shower Water Stains to get new ideas :).