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I honestly don't understand why everyone makes him out to be a loser, I mean for one he's the king of Atlantis, and 2 he can summon a swarm of piranhas to eat your ass!
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He gets all the mermaids
tomytieneblas74's avatar
Does Mera mind all these mermaids fawning over him ?
Shellsock's avatar
And who says Bats get all the women?
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Arthur here (I think that's his real name) can make chicks wet! In more ways than one 😉
Tsukasa57's avatar
Mera would be sooo pissed, good job :)
fireheart122's avatar
people make fun of Aquaman but I always point out that he has a harem of mer-women and that he has the largest nation on Earth.Case inpoint
King1cheetah's avatar
Badass art pic :D 
chocolatemagma's avatar
It's good to be king
MadFacedkid's avatar
Its great to be king but this is Joseph Curry.
EikraemFerwouche's avatar
Aquaman. Making bitches wet and the mermaids wetter since 1941...
captainstarfury's avatar
Awesome . very unique.
kenumi's avatar
Literally getting his share of tail :lmao:

Aquaman: How ya like me now? *insert badass music here*
slayerfan45's avatar
There's only 1 word for this: huzzah!
conspiracytheory888's avatar
I guess that you could say that they're all....WET FOR HIM!!!!!!!!
conspiracytheory888's avatar
Oh Aquaman, how did you get so many Mer-Bitches?
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ScottPilgrim1996's avatar
I love Aquaman in this, and I love how all the Mermaids all surround him. Great job!
Nautical01's avatar
this is one of my favorite photos of Aquaman. I couldnt find a large enough print of him so i drew a giant replication of it for my game room.
Kerevon's avatar
All the aquatic ladies want Aquaman. Unfortunately, since he's not a fish and has no fishy naughty bits, this makes doing the nasty nigh-impossible. Yet another fail for Aquaman.
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