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Spongebob 'Sponge Out of Water' movie sketches

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I actually really enjoyed this movie, and found it to be a lot more like the older spongebob episodes. Anyways, here are some quick sketches.

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Awesome sketches!!

I agree with you about the movie having that classic SpongeBob feel to it. I lost interest in the show years ago because it just got.....stupid. The show was so clever when it first came out, and it was genuinely funny. I'd see a recent episode and think 'what the hell is this sh*t? I used to love this show?', then I'd see, say a season 3 episode (best season IMO), and think 'Ok, I didn't change....the show did'. The first movie was a total joke. But Sponge Out of Water had the feel of classic SpongeBob. It was clever and hilarious, but not stupid. It was genuinely funny, and I loved it. Glad someone else feels the same ^_^