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Bluenight Systems Iii 03

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Hi all!
This is the 3rd iteration of my "BlueNight Systems" Rainmeter Skins. I'm very happy with this last version and it is available for downloading now! :D (Big Grin) 
This is my first attempt at publishing, and I'm probably doing it wrong, but it'sa good learning experience for me.:D (Big Grin) 

(2) Vertical Dual Graphs: Displays HDD Read/Write in one Dual Graph and NetUp and NetDown in the other.
Processors 1-4: Four independent displays showing the percentage of usage for each of the (4) Processors, in both graph and bar form.
Four Temperature Displays: Four independent displays showing the temperatures for CPU, HDD and two Cores.
Two Fan Speed Displays:
Fan1 is the primary CPU cooling fan speed, Fan2 is the GPU fan speed.
Center Sysytem Skin:
Displays consolidated information of the computer, such as Temperatures, Fan Speeds, Clock Speed, WAN and LAN IP, CPU Usage, RAM and SWAP in percentages used, also displays info about the HDD Capacity in GB amounts: "Total", "Used" and "Free". Small graphs display CPU, SWAP, RAM and HDD Access activity. Small Bar Graphs at the bottom display (4) Processor Activity and  CPU, SWAP, RAM and HDD. The Deviant Art symbol is a button that links directly to D.A. The circular blue gem is a button that opens the C drive.

Performance Monitor: Has all kinds of monitoring abilities!
  Is of my design and will be included also.
Skin can be used in Multiple Displays as well.

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still it's gorgeous !!