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This is a scene from my book "The Wish Bringer" where the main character Lapis is attacked by her reflection, drawn/ painted in watercolours.

I've been thinking of drawing this scene for a while, but found it hard to figure out the right poses, especially since most of the stock images with two people are couple shots as opposed to fighting shots, but I managed in the end.

Again I'd appreciate any constructive comments or criticism .
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Quite the internal struggle but in an external means of combat, well done
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awesome work! Love the coloring a lot, really nice done! 
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I'd hate to be attacked by my own reflection. 
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Wouldn't we all.  

Its a bit of an allegorical reference to her own inner conflict.
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Oh, interesting illustration! Nod
Already the idea of making characters fight in the water is something rather special and in your picture it turned out really good! :D (Big Grin)
Moreover the proportions and expressions are done well :) (Smile)  Not to forget the colouring, especially the water is very good work here Wink/Razz
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Wow, that water looks awesome! I love the little white reflections on the surface. Did you do the water by painting blue over the top of the figures? I really like how the reflection is so calmly strangling her, since that's kinda how drowning is.
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I did a gradient blue wash before I started, then I did another one at the end over the reflection. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out since watercolours reactivate when you put a new layer on top, but it worked out in the end. 

Thats an interesting observation you made with the whole drowning concept. I was trying to make the reflection have more power and dominance so that the girl (Lapis) couldn't even fight back, so it really does relate, since you can't beat drowning with physical strength alone. 
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ah, interesting. it's a good thing the watercolour didn't run.

Yep, that's what I get. like the water's so strong it doesn't even really need to struggle to win. :)
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I think the wash could have run and ruined it if I applied too much water or used the brush roughly, but I was very careful when I applied it. 
(Slow and gentle)
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