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Eye of the Storm

Drawn with ballpoint pen and copic markers on B4 sized 210gm smooth sketch paper.

Another drawing of my character Lapis from my story the Wish Bringer.

I actually had this sketched up for a few weeks and kind of forgot about it for a while. Unfortunatly, I think the shaped of her eyes distorted and changed her expression a little bit as I re-drew it from the sketch, though it's not too bad. This was also another case of experimentation. Instead of waiting for the ink to dry completely on the line art, I applied the markers over the wet ink to create a bleeding affect, which worked nicely with her hair.

WIP/ Tutorial thing :
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Great work! The time you've spent on this must have been worth it, because this looks stunning! :)
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thanks.  It's a simple composition, but I tired to make it as dynamic as possible.
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Yes, he is one courageous, brave and handsome man!
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Thanks, though she's a girl ^^"
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cool picture. I love his expression. It is very dramatic. 
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Thanks, though she's a girl, lol
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oh haha ok sorry
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Interesting character you have here! She looks rather cool and icy, due to her expression and the choice of colors used. There is also a complement of the smooth and the sharp, where her wavy hair contrasts the angles of her face. She seems rather androgynous; forgive me, but I mistook her for a male at first glance and would have kept to that presumption had I not read the comments. I also mistook this one as well for a digital art at first glance. The crisp, soft, and vibrant feel give the work that kind of impression.  

Indeed, it does seem like a storm is brewing, both behind her and within her mind. Good work. 
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Actually this isn't the first time someone thought that she was a boy actually.  At first I intended her to be a bit tomboyish, but then again she's not totally against all things girly, she's kind of just neutral when it comes to gender issues, so I guess the term androgynous really fits her.  I'll try to develop that aspect in to her character design some more.  
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I do like the effect of how the black blends in with the blue. I really like the movement in her hair too. I think the shirt should have a bit more volume at the collar where it goes over the shoulders. It looks a little flat compared to the rest of it. The colour scheme is great and creates a stormy sort of atmosphere that goes well with her expression. :)
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thanks.  Actually, now that you mention it, it does have a bit of a stormy atmosphere, but calm at the same time.  Like the eye of the storm
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