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Oops, Wrong Channel...

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Published: February 16, 2011
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Sissel is obviously not amused...

Those who've played both Phoenix Wright-Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick understand what's going on in this image.

Ghost Trick is a REALLY AWSOME GAME!8D

TRAILER: [link]

The main character dies in the first few seconds of the game, and becomes a ghost. You have until sunrise to figure out what happened...


Ghost Trick was made by the same people as the Ace Attorney games, so I started drawing the characters of the AA games in the style of GT.

Phoenix Wright: [link] ______ Phoenix Wright Objects: [link]

Maya Fey: [link]

Miles Edgeworth: [link]

Godot: [link]

Diego Armando: [link]

Larry Butz: [link]

Shi-Long Lang: [link]

Mia Fey: [link]

Pearl Fey: [link]

Damon Gant: [link]

I think it's pretty obvious who I used as a base. (Sissel)

It's mostly just an edit...

Other GT Fanart:

Inspector Cabanela [link]

DAT CORE: [link]

Look at All the Clucks I Give: [link]

WARNING! Spoiler Alert!

While I was playing GT, I was thinking the whole time: "If Sissel is a ghost, than Maya could channel him, right? But what would that be like?" Well, probably something like this.

But where did Maya get the cool shades?

a) Secretly, she always carries them around in some secret ninja pocket

b) They're part of Sissel's soul (What? The blue flame had it!)

c) Those are no sunglasses......They're the world's most massive unibrow! (Ergo: get transferred along with facial structure)

Also, I know that the bow is on the wrong side, but it would have been in the way on the other side. (Just flip the image, and it's on the right side again!)

And he has his serious face on because, if he is being channeled he probably has something very important to say, but let's see if you can still take him seriously after this. XD

As it seems, I'm not the only one, who thought about this [link]

BTW. I'm sure most of you, who are also addicted to Youtube viral videos have seen that 'Greatest putt-putt shot of all time' video [link] well let's just say you Ghost Trick lovers will shed tears of joy at this version (i sure did) [link]
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Raven6229Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hah! It looks amazing!
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Found something like this on Tumblr. askaceattorney is the name of the blog.

In this post, Lynne asked Maya to channel Sissel in order to clear his mind about his being. When Maya answers the question, with her hair still styled like Sissel's, she replies:"Wow, I'm not trying that one again."
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FireballDragonStudent General Artist
I believe when Sissel stopped taking Yomiel's form, the shades were just part of his spirit's image.

As to how Maya got them when she channeled Yomiel...

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EeveeLover64Hobbyist General Artist
I see he absolutely had to have the sunglasses and hairstyle. xD Oh, Yomiel...
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KolKolCatHobbyist Traditional Artist
*gives up and bursts into laughter*
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Dayuuuuum this is so funny XD!Tomoya Okazaki (Laughing Hard) [V1] 
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Oh, gawd. I stayed well away from this for a while because it looks like he's cross dressing. Still, thinking about it now, it's a pretty good think to laugh at. But if I chuckled in front of him he'd probably pull the face he is now and say, "Ha ha, very funny. Let's all laugh at the ghost because he's wearing a dress." XD
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BlackRoseBandKitsuneHobbyist General Artist
So having seen all of your Ghost Trick/Ace Attorney art... I played Ghost Trick. And cried my eyes out at two in the morning. Hnng. I don't know if I want to yell THANK YOU or not because... it's not often games reduce me to a blubbering mess.
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zigaudreyHobbyist General Artist
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SiaCatGirlHobbyist Digital Artist
Hahahah, I laughed so hard... =D
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llxcharomixllHobbyist Digital Artist
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Ammpanda's avatar
Haha that's funny I love those two games.
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BlazingGunsStudent Digital Artist
XD Oops...
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Hyllia14Hobbyist General Artist
Oh god... Of all people, why Maya? xD
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If she offered to channel him for me so I could talk to him directly, my reaction would be: "NO! Just no! Hell no!"
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This is the best thing ever.
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DrStuffStudent Digital Artist
I literally just started playing Ghost Trick and I immediately thought of something like this XD
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WumpatrixHobbyist Traditional Artist
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ogmygod I'm crying from all the laughter!! xDDD
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ChaiLatteProductionsStudent Filmographer
I love this so much! Hahaha! It fits him. Perfectly.
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