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Tutorial - Throes of perdition

I don't know why I didn't post this at the time of release or why I am posting this now, so don't ask. Just take a look if you haven't already and comment if you can bother. If it's already obvious enough, this is the making of :

Now I doubt credits are required here because I already named those in the deviation's description but I will certainly have to thank Erick Shumacher again for helping me on this far too many times. :iconkire1987:

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i came to know u from this tut.....u are simply awesome.......and ur works are very inspiring
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just amazing piece.,
and thanks a lot for the tutorial.
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The effort paid out I guess.. :)
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Really good work on the block+model, I love it!
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I'm very glad you posted this, I was curious as to how you did it.
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Hope it helped. :)
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Beautiful work!:hug:
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You are welcome!:hug:
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Nice to see the steps of this image! Great work ;)
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nice, that tutorial is huge. Not exactly how I remember we worked on the piece though ;P
Would you mind if I upload the original artwork to my gallery? I spent a good amount of time on it, too, and I really need to update my page o_o
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I changed it so that people would understand it more easily. And yeah sure you can post it! I always wondered why you didn't. :D
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i wanna read it :) thanks for the share :D
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Please do! And post here what you think of it ;)
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that is all:P

it was explained very well bro, nice work ;)
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Thank god. All those noobs couldn't figure out a thing on their own. One even asked how to duplicate a layer... :doh:
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lol! :L If they're asking that, they shouldn't be reading a tutorial about a piece this advanced :L

but ah well, thanks for the share dude, was fun to see how you work :)
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I was following it earlier and it actually really helped me a lot! Thank you for uploading here too! The way you made things come together is brilliant!
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oh! i'm soo reading this (((:
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