You're Going to be an Aunt

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She settles like dust
in the valves of my heart
sifting sands
for the prettiest of seashells
her accent of sweet talk, stillborn
in brain grooves
how she synchronize swims
through my troubled mind
when gone, seasick, up to my neck
in boiling water
holding her is nothing short
of smooth sailing
how she carries me away
in gentle bobs
how I get lost
how the best part is
she looks up to my horizons
for safe haven, memorable sunsets
into moonlit skies, shimmering
surface of humble seas
we wake for each other
into newfound sunrises
cuddled in harmonizing smiles
her boo boos are my fetal position
her potential eyes, my trail
less traveled, where I wander
in the right direction
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I think they're allergic to their flower :laughing: