Plastic Fruit Bowl

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I don't know what to say, I'd probably
Unfold it like a tattered, flowered comforter anyway
These memories I wear like freckles, they illuminate
Beneath the sun, rest assured in the shade, my curiosity
Is fool's gold for the future, it's all about
The texture of sentimental value
I cram all materialistic doubt, airtight
Like a can of sardines
That way, it's sure to carry a distinguishing stench
Making it easier to discover
In nothing but sweet aromas
Of pineapple confidence, blackberry patience
Careful not to move or disturb
One sore muscle
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This was a piece I had to read over quite a few times to understand it properly and with each time, I came to like it more and more as I grasped more of its meaning... like I'd finally found the you that was sitting, hidden, in that fruit bowl. Really wonderful piece.   
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It seems a bit dismantled to me as well, so no worries :lol: Glad you ended up finding me either way.
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Haha, I thought it was on purpose! Let me believe that.  :P
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Not to say it wasn't. I noticed it along the way myself.