Dark Room

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Every now and then, I take an aggressive bite
out of my tough exterior, exposing
my soft inner mush
Velvet skin, pocket lint
throughout my bone marrow,
Bloodlines and bonfire
my veins, barbwire independence
Good days, bad days
Align like lattice that I can see through,
yet serves as a gate, splitting my smile
from my intuition of freedom
Horizontal lines, dimples
Vertical, dysfunctional self esteem
Self image, practiced in foggy mirrors
I take out the garbage, water the flowers,
remembering, no, feeling the sting again
Of grudges in a rainbow
Of roses with thorns
In a junkyard
Plastic voices
Not mine, wicker baskets,
cradling my soft spots, honeysuckle loss,
delirious forgiveness
to myself
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I love how you made such normal everyday things interesting and I really like the emotion in this as well! ^^
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Thank you so much, that truly means the world! <3
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You're welcome! :heart: Show us more of your world! :lol:
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You do the same, cheers :ahoy:
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Aha. Aye, aye, captain!