Confessions of the Heartbreaker

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We both carry this premonition
that this will all, eventually,
sting like hell

Love is blind, he traces my braille
with the tips of his fingers
According to science, it's because
that's where our nerves end
but if you ask me
there's just not enough chemistry
and, well, I'm just smiling crooked
in his fear of the unknown
If only he felt this way
through the rest of his days
he just might conquer the world
There's even times he lifts me
on top of the world
like when he tells me goodnight
like a broken record
of my favorite songs
before he finally disappears with the body language
of lovers saying their goodbyes at an airport
or when he rummages through my heart
like a child with their toy box
but the only heart I have for him
is breaking  
into pieces
of how I could never bring myself to love him
Not in the way that he seems to love me
Especially not in the way
I love someone else
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:( It's so good, it hurts.
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Those were my intentions, so thank you dearly.