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The two glared at each other with hatred in theirs eyes. Behind Ichigo is Kon on kneeling looking at the two, scared to see what’s going to happen next. (I would love to buy a Kon plushie one day, so cute)

Ichigo glared at Uryu before changing into a smirk. “So what this challenge is going to be?” He asked.

Uryu reach inside his hand inside his pocket to pull out a small silver object. “We’ll use this.” Ichigo raised an eyebrow at Uryu in confused at Uryu. “Huh? What is that?

“This is a Hollows bait, once I crush it all the Hollow will come to find the spiritual pressure.” Uryu explained. Ichigo eyes widen at the silver object in Uryu hand. 


“The victor will be whoever kills the most Hollows that gather in 24 hours. Well? Isn’t that easy to understand?” Uryu smirked challenge at Ichigo. 

“Quit kidding around! You’d endanger the lives of the town’s people just for our battle?!Just who do you think you are?!” Ichigo yelled in anger at Uryu. There no way in hell he would fight that Hollows to endanger the lives of people in town, most of all his family and his friends.

Uryu eyes narrowed at Ichigo. “Don’t make such a fuss, braggart. No need to worry about other people. I’ll kill every single Hollow that comes.” Ichigo continued to glared at Uryu in anger seeing he wasn’t going to listen to him. Uryu just smirked at Ichigo seeing he is anger by his word. Now he just to need to push it further. “If you are confident that you can protect others from Hollows, then you should accept this challenge.” He crushed the Hollows bait in his hand, breaking it into a thousand shards

The sound of cracked filled the town almost like thunder but it not. Kon looked around in panicked at what happening. The air around them change making Ichigo and Kon tense.  Ichigo looked up into the sky and gasped in shock at what he saw.

A black portal appeared with a pair of green claws hands coming through. Slowly as it a skull masked appeared sticking out of the portal, letting out a roar scattering around the town. A flash of blue energy like lightning hit directly at the Hollow’s mouth. It screamed in pain at the blue arrow the struck it, as it began to dissolve into nothingness in the air. 

Zooming down at the one who shot the arrow at the Hollow was Uryu with his blue energy bow out. “That’s number one.” He spoke. 

Ichigo grabbed Uryu collar of his shirt pushing him to the ground. Uryu just looked at him blankly. “What kind of face is that, Ichigo Kurosaki?” Ichigo glared at him with much more anger. “Change it back! Chase away the Hollow!” Ichigo demanded. He can’t let people be endanger.

“Soon, the town will be overflowing with Hollows lured here by the bait. Let’s just say the die is cast.” Uryu said in a monotone not caring at Ichigo anger lashing toward him. Ichigo brought him closer not getting what he means by that. Uryu continued. “Isn’t there something else you should be doing, besides grabbing onto me?” Ichigo hand shake in anger but the anger faded but was still there. He released Uryu. Uryu sat up placing his hand on Ichigo Shoulder. “That’s if you really want to protect as many people as many people as possible from Hollows...”

Ichigo got off of Uryu, as he got up. Uryu walked off but stop once he was at his shoulder. Ichigo growled seeing was just going to walk away. “Why you...!”

“Have you forgotten? Hollows tend to attack those with high spiritual energy.” Uryu reminded Ichigo. 

He looked at Uryu with confusion, until he realised what he meant. Flash back appeared in his mind of Karin and Yuzu being attack by a Hollow. Not only that Y/N too, him being stabbed by the Hollow. 

Ichigo mind began to filled with worries all over his head. His sisters would be in danger, he couldn’t let that happen. As a older brother he promise his mum he would always protect them no matter what. There also Y/N would always smiled and try to cheer him up when he’s annoy or sad. Hell, he even took the blow for him form that Hollow. He was willing to died for him just so he could lived. He was some one important to him, now he wasn’t going to lose you again.

“Yuzu! Karin! Y/N! Damn it!” Ichigo called out their names as he began to run to find them. 

Kon then ran after Ichigo calling out his name. “Hey, wait Ichigo!” Catching up with him, leaving a silent Uryu in the empty streets.

Once they were gone, Uryu turned to glance them. “He hasn’t noticed, after all... That there are more people around him with high spiritual pressure beside his family. But don’t worry. I’ll kill everyone of them.” Watching the running Ichigo to find his sister and this Y/N,  friend of his. “And you’l realise how weak your own power is, here at this point of no return.”   

Looking up in the sky appeared a faint old grey man with a grey cloak on with his back turned. Uryu balled his hand into a fist where the pentacle cross of the Quincy is. He raised his hand summoning his bow and glaring in hatred. He spoke with venom in his voice.

“I detest Soul Reapers!”

In Karakura High School

Today is a nice peaceful day but something was bothering you, like something bad was going to happen. You glanced at the window looking at the people from above and the bright blue sky.

You were in the library, reading books. Reading pages of words as it process through your mind, when you drift of thinking about Ichigo and Rukia. When Ichigo and Rukia told you they were Soul Reaper it shock you a lot. But you accept it seeing that the two are helping those spirits that linger around. 

You were able to see spirit when since you was 5. It’s was weird but you got used to it. You often to talked to them, make friends with them since you were a lonely person back then since your parent died. You feel guilty because of their death, people blame you for it. You never felt happiness or joy, or anything at all. All you felt was emptiness until you met Ichigo.

Ichigo... is a special person to you. When you first saw him, you find it a bit strange with his bright orange hair sticking out from the class. When his eyes met yours, you felt a connection. You don’t know what it it but it felt strange and it make your stomach fluter with butterflies. At lunch you wasn’t expecting to see him again, you thought he was going to say something bad at you but he didn’t, he was asking you to be his friend. He made you happy for the first time for years. You enjoy being around as he did too, Rukia is there too sometimes. 

Rukia is a nice person. You find her drawing funny because everything she draw is involved with Chappy the rabbit. She have a huge obsession with Chappy the rabbit. She seems to enjoy your company as well.

But then again that blonde man with the sandal hat seem familiar... Like you met him before in the past but you don’t know why for that shall remain as a mystery. 

 You glance at the window looking at the people from above and the bright blue sky, until  what you saw made your blood turn cold. There was a strange black swirling portal in the sky, you gasped in shock because in that black hole was a Hollow merging through it. Once it head and torso revealed it snapped it’s head looking directly at you. It eyes met yours. Heart began to pound hard in your chest at the frightening Hollow staring right at you. You stood up and ran out of the library making all the people stared at you weirdly. 

Running down the hall with your heart beating franticly at the Hollow. ‘What is a Hollow doing here now?!’  You mentally screamed in your thoughts. Where is ichigo?! Anxiety began to get to you, the thought of the Hollow eating you which sacred you. No, you shouldn’t be thinking of that, you need to focus on escaping but where? 

You busted out of the school door, looking up the sky to find the Hollow on top of the school building looking at the window, searching for you. You could’t hide in the school, cause the Hollow would destroy the building killing everyone in here. Your only option is to run, dragging the Hollow attention to avoid lot of civilians in the town. You raised Both of your’s to your mouth and screamed. “Hey, over here!” The snapped it’s head to the voice finding you looking at it.  Seeing the Hollow saw you, you ran outside of the school to the road.

You ran and ran as fast as you, passing through houses and building. You ran as far as you could, till you was in an empty streets. The street was empty, no sign of people and dead silence except for your hard breathing. You slouched on the wall, catching your breathe looking around for the sign of the Hollow anywhere near you. Seeing that it was clear you sighed in relief but how wrong you were, it was behind you on top of the roof of a house. It’s leap of the house, landing in front of you, letting a huge loud roar. It’s roar sent  gust of wind, whipping wildly at you and made you covered your ears from it’s roar.

Adrenaline pump through your vein you turned around and start to run. Fear scotch through you, with a Hollow behind you, you ran as fast as your legs could carry. The Hollow ran faster, raising it claw at you from behind. You turned around to find a claw coming toward you. Your eyes widen at the enormous pain that hit you from your back, you couldn’t let out a scream at the pain.  You fall on your knees painfully, blood spilled from your back to the ground. Your back was on fire, it hurts so much. Your vision slightly blurred.

The Hollow laughed at your pathetic escape, it was fun while it last. The Hollow began walking toward your cripple body, ready to eat your soul.

Is this it? Is this where you going to die? That was the only thing on your mind. Death was coming and you knew it. You didn’t want to die, it’s mean you will never be able to see all your friends. Keigo, Mizuru, Orhime, Tatsuki, Chad, Rukia and... Ichigo. You will never be able to see him again. 

Pathetic. Weakling. A dark voice spoke.

Huh? What?

Che, you’re just giving up without fighting?

Who is that?

So you’re just going to die for nothing? What happened to that fire in your eyes? Standing up to that teacher, to defend that human friend of yours? 

Who are you?

Doesn’t matter. Are you going to fight or die?

How am I going to fight when I don’t have any power...? I’m nothing...

Ha! The more you says this, the more I feel like I’m going to vomit. Now listen here you stupid brat, you better stop saying all this bull crap before I end you! You do have power, you don’t know how to use it yet. You gotta have that fire of yours back, that determination, like you defend that human.

How am I suppose to?! 

Get that fire back. Think about that orange head, he protected you before didn’t he? Don’t you want the power to protect your friend? Then fight. 

The Hollow came closer to you.

Closer and closer.

I... I want to have the power to fight back and protect my friends! You screamed out to the voice in your head.

Heh, well said brat. Now time to awaken your power.

Darks shadows and C/R (your reishi colour) spread around you like a circle of flames. The Hollow step back looking at you in shock. You stand up feeling this new surge of power flowing through you. Now let’s use your new power kid.

The Hollow let out a battle cry, leaping at you with it claws raised. You closed your eyes ready for the pain. Nothing happen. You opened your eyes to find a black barrier blocking the Hollow. 

Hey! Focus on the battle brat, unless you us to get kill. Your power is basically my power. My power is basically from hell. You control the shadow to bend it at your will, teleport, hell fire, lightning and summon chain. Now fight. 

You looked at the Hollow with determination, you raised your hand. A shadow spike appear from the ground impalling the Hollow. It screeched in pain. it raised it’s claw to shoot out out spike, heading toward you. You dash to the side with amazing inhuman speed. You jump on top of the house. You turned to face the Hollow, you waved your arm, a massive shadow appeared crashing the Hollow like waves of a tsunami. A shadow scythe appeared in your hand.

You ran at the Hollow with your inhuman speed. You jump up in the air with your shadow scythe raised. The Hollow saw you coming, when it tried to get up chain appear from the chain attaching itself on the Hollow pulling it down, restraining it from escaping. It roar in a frantic struggling to break the chain what seem to be impossible. The Hollow screamed seeing your figure coming closer with a scythe You bring down the scythe on the Hollow head silencing it's screamed. The Hollow disappeared into particle of lights. 

You collapse on the ground, the scythe disappeared. Your vision grew darker. You saw two people but you couldn’t see who it was with the blackness covering your eyes.

You did well, rest now.

Darkness consume you. 

Tada~! I made another chapter, whahoo! Sorry for the long update, I will work on it. The Espada one, I'm kinda stuck there but I will try and get it done. I'm going to camp next week for 2 days, it's going to be very cold. I will try to update more my friend

Chapter                                                                     New chapter:…
Ichigo x Male!Reader Chapter 1
Ichigo x Male!Reader Chapter 2
Ichigo x Male!Reader Chapter 3
Ichigo x Male!Reader chapter 4
Ichigo x Male Reader chapter 5

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach
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