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You stared at the girl with wariness in your eyes of uncertainty of this strange hyperactive young little girl. How did she find you in here. Not to mention you sense that huge amount of spiritual pressure radiating from her like a light house. It was just you and her in this empty room of silent. Of course there was noway you were going to fight a child, even if she is a shinigami. 

You didn’t want to resort in violence. You really don’t like hurt people in general, you will fight if you have to defend. Looking back a the girl still with that smile on her face that feel really contagious that want to make you smile too. 

You gave her a small smile and greeted back. “Hello. I’m Y/N,” Showing no sign of hostility she seem fine with you and replied back.

“Hi! My name is Yachiru.” The pink haired little girl replied back. What you noticed that she doesn’t know you. I think she is aware that you were an escape convict so you should say. You pray that she doesn’t know who you really are, Astaroth already destroyed a building and set fire to the place. Yep, no one was going to recognise you.

‘Run if necessary.’ Astaroth spoke through your mind.

‘Agreed.’ You agreed.

Your stomach growled loudly like a bear roaring. “Sorry but I’m very hungry.” You say to the girl unable to look into her eyes filled with embarrassment in your face blushing bright red. Of course the little giggle at your embarrassment. Yachiru can see that you were very hungry and tired. 

“Hey! How about I get you some food.” Yachiru offered. 

You were surprised of the little girl generosity, but suspicion is still at it’s peek. “If that’s okay, thank you.”   

The little pink haired girl smile and turned around and ran of the building like a rabbit and gone before you could even blink. Whoa, she’s fast. You just stared at the spot where she once was before leaning back to the wall. Fatigue crept into your tiresome body state of hunger. Could you really trust the young pink haired girl? You don’t don’t even know the answer. Right now, wether she’s going tell on you or she really getting you food. You didn’t see any lies or bad intention in her, her eyes and the feeling itself was telling you you can trust her. So far it’s seem good. 

You wonder how the others are doing right now. Are they doing okay? Especially Rukia and Ichigo. Ichigo had taken a hard hit, and was was bleeding a lot. The hopeless in his eyes, skin running pale of blood draining from the body. It make you sick inside of seeing someone close on dying. The cycle of your never ending nightmare of guilt and self blame for the death and cause. You never wanted to experience another loss and grief again, ever since your parent’s death. You had crack as a kid. Now you wished not to for the sake of the people you care for.

You were gladly glad that you haven’t encounter the person who backstab you in the heart. This is the second time you were aimed to the heart. You sure do have a record of people stabbing you in the heart. It like it’s their favourite place to aim. A Hollow, then a Shinigami.

Perfect. You can feel your eye twitching irate at the thought. This was stupid. 

As you were waiting a pink blob appeared in front of you, almost giving you a heart attack with the unexpected appearance. Yachiru had came back, and promise of food. You could feel yourself drooling from the inside, the smell was so good. The moment the smell hit your nostril your stomach groan in glee in excitement of food. 

Looks like Yachiru was no danger to you. Smiling at the young little girl. “Thank you” you say, grabbing the tray of foods. It’s been so long since you had food.

Stopping the rice along with the cooked fish you put it on your mouth, you groan in delight of the taste in your mouth, chewing the food away in oblivion. 

Dear god, that was a good meal. It filled you right up, and you were really thankful for the young pink haired girl. 

You looked at the girl this time with a worried and fearful expression. “Don’t tell anyone about me, please.” You begged her, thoughts went crazy of what would happen if she tell. Your mind went jumble everywhere like fish in a small tank. What if you was going to be capture again, no escape plan this time. Volcano of thoughts were about to burst through your head until the little pink haired girl snapped you out of your thoughts. 

“Okay.” Yachiru agreed which surprised you. Eyes full on wide open in shock to hear that she agreed. You weren’t really expecting that. Wow. This day just got interesting. 

 So far you had an allied, the pink haired Soul Reaper Yachiru. Who promised not to tell anyone of your location, in exchange you become her friend.  

Truth to be told being in another presence of Soul Reaper is rather intimidating, especially the factor it’s a child that you sense radiate strong spiritual pressure. You won’t be getting Rukia this easily now that it’s sure with Soul Reapers everywhere that see you as a threat to them it was going to hard. Growling to yourself, turned your dark thoughts away to the bubbly happy little girl. At lest you had a friend for your lonesome time being here. 

“Yachiru!” Yelled a monstrous voice from 30 cm away from them. You recognise that voice, you heard it before and knew who it was. Before you could even do anything voice of that man came right through was at the entrance of the building. The big bulky, muscle man that could rival all famous wrestler, especially John Cena. (I’m trying to be humorous) Imitation was real. His size and eyes that are wild had been in many battle for years of experience. 

“Hi, Kenny!!” Yachiru called out to the giant, scarred face man.

Oh god. You just stay frozen in your spot staring at he large man with wide eye, heart racing insanely fast. You can’t move or react. You terrified to even move. The large man is like a predator and you’re his target. The man cower over you of his sheer height and power. He was screaming power, raw psychical strength that can smash, no, destroy you in one go. Astaroth was very quiet inside your head without a word being said but felt a small flare of scorch or something inside your body. 

The Soul Reaper was coming toward you, grin full on that stretch across his face. Yachiru wasn’t affected but ran to the man and climbed on his back as he walk toward. It was at this moment you knew. You were fucked. 

To be continue...

Deep apology for being away for so long and not updating. Been busy with school and yeah, just school. Hope you enjoyed this chapter

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