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Hey my friends and reader, sorry for the long wait. . I've been busy with school and assignment. But then again, school is almost done! No more assessment!! Yes! I thank you my friend for the fave and watch. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter. When writing this chapter I was listening to "I know I'm a wolf"


You winced in pain blooming through your course of body, sweats of rain dripping down your body, your clothes clung to your skin like layer. Panting on the ground you groan in pain. You were all four on your knees trying to get back up to hiss in stinging pain of cuts plastered on your body like a canvas with paints. Clothes rips, cuts and tattered from excessive damage to the body.

Astaroth was in front of you staring down with glee and menace in his pure red eyes that are glowing in excitement, that scared you even more. His eyes glaring down at him, hunger and death spread in the air from him. 

The hooded black clad man was sitting at the arms chair watching the two with his hidden eyes of the hood. Time here is endless as you train, your body and mind were drain from training.  

Panting you slowly get up, hands filled with cuts and bloody still grip on the sword, it’s silver steel still shining brightly. You stood up full, hunch over but still determine.

A hand struck your chest in blinding speed, blinding pain erupted from your chest. You felt your heart stop for a moment, the world slowed down. Blood spat out of your mouth, trickling down your mouth. You flew to the other sides, rolling and smacked against the ground bringing more pain to your body. Trails of blood were mixed on the watery floor turning into blood red wine. 

It hurts so much. You whimper weakly holding your chest, tears were falling down your face. You were so tired, you didn’t want to fight anymore. This has to be a nightmare, it has to be. You were never going to wake up in this never ending nightmare.

You buried your face in you arms to hide your tears, whimpering and trembling. You just want to go home, you want to see everyone and Ichigo. You want to go home be in the embrace of Ichigo, his warm arms wrapped around yours in comfort, eating together with his family, Keigo and his lame jokes, talking to Chad, Orihime’s kindness, just all that you missed it so much. Being away from home feel like a big pieces of yourself tearing itself apart from homesick.

You feel so alone being here. 

Astaroth raised his hand to summon out a giant swords. It was big, the blade is tall as to the point it’s reached his shoulder. The blade glinted in the light showing it’s menacing blade that will cut down it’s foe. Astaroth swung the blade down the defenceless boy.

“Enough.” The deep cloak figure spoke. 

Astaroth stop midway, close enough to almost stab you. He glared at the black cloak man, teeth gritted against each other in full frustration. The blade above him incinerate into flames and disappeared from the air. “How the hell is he supposed to be ready if we don’t train him?!” Astaroth snarled eyes flashes red at the man in black cloak. He grabbed you by your hair, pulling you up to face. You mewl in pain feeling the roots of your hair being pulled by the older man hand, tears tingle in your eyes. “He is supposed to-!”

“Enough!” The cloak man finally raises his voice at Astaroth. All the glasses floating in the air all shattered into thousand millions of pieces that looks like diamond dust in the air of the white light. The scenery change into something else, the white atmosphere world now turned into a black, white and greyed world, pillar of stones abrupt from the ground rumbling thunder of earthquake. The once watery white floor now replaced by sands, and stones desert.  

The arm chair now replaced by stones of throne, cracked and scratch like scars. The empty throne waiting. 

Poor Y/N, still in the mercy of Astaroth’s grip in pain and crying, tear streaming down his face. 

“Let him go,” He ordered Astaroth, cloak wave wildly as if angry wind were blowing against them. His calm cold demeanour now replace dominate and power. 

Astaroth’s other hand his scythe appeared in his grip, he twirl it around before pointing it at the hooded cloak figure. He let go of your hair, dropping you to the sandy ground without much of care. His eyes blaring bright of fury, glaring in strong anger at the hooded man. 

The two had a stared down at each others throat, waiting to see who's was going to make the first move. The tense silent of the two, eye to eye with weapon about to tear each other apart to pieces. None of them say a word in the deafening silence of tension in the air. 

This was getting on your skin as you watched the two tensely, you felt like suffocation in this tension in the air. Flare of pain shot through your chest.  Liquid rushes through your throat. You cough out blood plastered on the sand, that caught the two attention. You continue to cough and wheeze for air, clutching your chest. This unbearable was spreading through your body like wildfire. Your whole body was a havoc in pain of nerves, muscle and bones. This was too much for you.  

This endless raw of pain was still there, acid feeling in your stomach burning inside of you. You cried silently. 

Two pair of large muscular arms wrapped around your weaken body, pulling up in a bridal styles. 

Your vision was going blurry, you couldn’t see the outline of distance. You look to see who picked you up. It was the mysterious hooded black cloak male that was carrying you. He was being gentle with you, carrying you like a fragile porcelain doll that could break with just one mistake. You were surprised to see the man caring side how carefully he was. Your eyes grew tired as they began to drip from all the intense training you were having. Your leaned closer to the man, his warm body pressed against yours. You rested your head on his chest succumbing into sleep taking your pain away into numbness.

“Yo- —w w-wh— — d-.”


“Ob- —e“

“- —o- - y-you — [Y-y/—]”

“L— -“

“I’m sorry.”

Your eyes snapped wide opened only to be staring at the big sky blue filled with stars. Billion of stars scattered in the blue sky twinkling brightly. Wow. You have never seen such a beautiful clear sky view of stars like this. 

“You’re awake.” Said a familiar voice. 

You turned to glance at him, not really realising that you were laying on a soft bed. The blanket was cool blue of the depth of sea, soft as a cat’s fur, so comfortable that you could stayed in all you want. Slowly you sat up to see you surrounded in a field of flowers, white lily to be exact. 

What happened when you went unconscious? You looked to see your body and all healed up like nothing was ever there to begin with. Your clothes were back to normal instead of filled with cuts, holes and blood blended together with them. You still felt sore and pain course through your body. 

The ever so mysterious hooded man sat in the arms chair looking at you, you still couldn’t tell what expression he had with the hood and cloak clung into his enticed body like he’s a entity. The black cloak seems and feel alive when it move like a fire flickering, moving.

You always wondered why you always getting into trouble and bad situation. Funny how it bound to you. 

You noticed a certain red eyes person was not here nor was he around. What happen while you were unconscious? Where was he? 

Looking at the mysterious hooded man with a confuse looks on your face. You ask the man “Where is Astaroth?” 

The man didn’t replied for a second or two until he finally answered. “He’s been dealt with.”  Looking away from you staring off to somewhere else. He technically didn’t gave you a full answer. He didn’t want you to worry for now. “Go back to rest” he say to you as he stood up to leave. 

Where was he going?  

You didn’t want to be alone. You just can’t stand it. You grabbed on his cloak of fear that he may disappeared. The man stop and turned to face you through his hood. Your hand tremble. “Please don’t go.” You whispered in a small voice.

The man kneel down in front of you. “I won’t.”

With Astaroth

Astaroth stood back in the original scenery of the floating glasses in the air and white light. After what happen between him and… No, he won’t say his name, not now, not yet. He just angry with everything and what happen. You were supposed to be ready to take back what’s yours and theirs. After what had happened…

You break so easily that’s why he want to push pass your limit, make you prepare for what’s coming. He won’t go soft on you, he can’t. Even when you down or injure he won’t stop until you succeed. Sound like he’s moulding you into a weapon huh? He can’t afford to make mistake. He’s was always there in the back of your mind watching over you and let you use his power, well more of the term their power since you finally unlocked it after that incident with the Hollow thanks to a certain Quincy. 

Even if he possessed your body he can’t go full out that easy when he’s still locked and in half control of your body. What’s more to worry is the Soul Reaper. He knows of Soul Society, after all he is from hell and was granted power from it for a reason. What he doesn't want is the Soul Reaper to find out about him or them. It would be a huge mess if they find out about them, there won’t be another next time.

You are still weak to him in his eyes. Deep down pass his wall he care for you but never show it. It better if you don’t know. It better if you forgotten it, the past is dead and it will came back, and he’ll be ready if it happen.

Astaroth lift his hand and stared at it blankly. How he missed the freedom, no blood, no pain, no suffering. He yearns to be free from this fate so as you. Free to go where they wish to go from this chain. But he know it won’t happen, the chain is still there and he can feel it. No matter how far they go it will always be there. The only thing they can do now is survive.  

A small swirl of shadow of flames flicker in his palm, twirling before it disappeared to leave something in his hand. It was a small pedant. Small, bright red jewel diamond shape, glistering even in the darkness. The pedant of a promise from a fallen friend, a precious thing to him.  

He had a promise and he will keep it. 

The pedant disappeared from his hand into nothingness. 

What will you do now?

Astaroth closed his eyes then open. Instead of being in the world of glasses now he was in the real world, laying against the stone wall surface pressing against his back in the dark alley for the shadow is his allies to hide him. He laid there tiredly, eyes looking around lazily, his one red eye grow dull. What was there to do when all they did was run and hide.  His stomach growled in protest of hunger, starvation grips through him begging to eat anything. His stomach feels like burning acid inside his stomach burning him from the inside. He pressed his hand against his stomach, felt like suffocating. 

Even when he using the kid body still haven’t been fully taken control he has it’s downside, hunger, dehydration and injury. Luckily for him since being in his body he could steal heal fas, he didn’t require food for a while, now he’s starving. 

It’s already been 3 days.

He crave for anything to fill that empty dying whale in his stomach as it’s rumble like being eaten by sharks.




Just hope he could hold out for a little longer. If only he could take full control of your body…

Astaroth was holding out much longer as he could until he could find food. He clench his teeth, holding his stomach as he feel the rumbling pain. 

Sensing reiatsu, Astaroth stood up quickly glaring directly at who ever it who was with his one red eye and normal [E/C] eye. Whoever it was he was not alone, there are two of them, strong reiatsu radiate from them. He need to get out of here. Moving as quick as he could. 

They were already in front of him.

Damn it.


Urahara’s shop

Urahara watched as Ichigo train, fighting every hourly of blood and sweat pour into it. The blonde hair man tip his bucket hat of green and white stripe down. He should have known that it happen. He wish if he could have gotten there faster and you wouldn’t been taken away.

He felt that he had fail you, disappointment and regrets clouded him. He had broken that promise he made 7 years ago. What would he think of him now even after death.  

“Urahara.” Tessai voice broke him out of his clouded thought. Looking at the man he can tell that he feeling concern, he was sharing same feeling his having. 

They been dreading since the day it came.         

Ichigo is the only one that can save them, they know he can. And he’ll make sure he has the strength to get through.

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