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Male/Reader x Chrom | Care
A male/reader/Robin x Chrom one-shot. It more shounen ai kinda feel, I wasn't sure if this was going to be slash/yaoi. This is something that pop up in mind. Might as well write it. 
A sigh is all that was in the silent night in the forest. 
Purple robe from a tactician walked through the wood by himself, alone in the dark but his footstep echoing through the silent forest. 
Thoughtless, he wandered wherever his feet take him, nothing matters now. The stress, the burden he carried is chained to him, his failure, Emmeryn… 
A tear slipped through his eyes, he wiped it away. 
This blasted war, it so horrendous and tragic, bloodshed all for a fire emblem. 
His hands clenches into fists, a low growl, a piercing glare that cut through the forest. The despair he felt is nothing that compare to everyone. His pain and failure to save Emmeryn, it wasn’t enough!! This was something he had to carried alone, he hated it but he has to. It will be a re
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 5 8
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 18
The was air tense, silent, frightening and raw. 
The young teenage stared at the tall captain of power and raw strength. Eyes met eye. One is thirsting for battle, one cease for a escape. Trapped with a beast that hunger for battle, a fox must be cunning. Standing up, supported by the wall for the weak frail and pitiful state of your condition. 
Time is ticking, decision need to be made. 
Fight for survival and possibility risk death or surrender and let fate see what will be stone  upon you. 
Play safe or play with fire. In this state you rather not risk death, all will mourn for you, the pain and cries will carried with you to your grave. You rather not see those sad face upon anyone faces, it will hurt you more than anything. 
You sighed and sat back down in surrender or defeat. No point in the fighting now, it will only make it worst, bring more pain and problem. Can’t die here now since you have got here so far. You will never forgive yourself i
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 11 15
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 17
You stared at the girl with wariness in your eyes of uncertainty of this strange hyperactive young little girl. How did she find you in here. Not to mention you sense that huge amount of spiritual pressure radiating from her like a light house. It was just you and her in this empty room of silent. Of course there was noway you were going to fight a child, even if she is a shinigami. 
You didn’t want to resort in violence. You really don’t like hurt people in general, you will fight if you have to defend. Looking back a the girl still with that smile on her face that feel really contagious that want to make you smile too. 
You gave her a small smile and greeted back. “Hello. I’m Y/N,” Showing no sign of hostility she seem fine with you and replied back.
“Hi! My name is Yachiru.” The pink haired little girl replied back. What you noticed that she doesn’t know you. I think she is aware that you were an escape convict so you should
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 12 5
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 16
Hello there my dear friends and reader. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I give my thanks and credits to :iconnekohallowking: for his amazing idea and help for this chapter and for the next one I'm working on. Sorry for it being short the and long update. I will be returning to school soon and will be very busy, I won't be able to write for a while. Thank you all for the fave and comments. I will see you later. 
Astaroth ran as the two Shinigami were in pursuit with him. Running fast as hell that he can, looks as if he was skating on the ground due to how fast he was. Turning sharp corner and leaping over the walls, shocking the Shinigami who were in their devision lazying around.
The two Shinigami chasing Astaroth were strong, one of them is seem to be captain, he seen his robe. The two Shinigami were male, one has dark skin, taller than him, wearing a orange scarf wrapped around his neck, he wore a clear goggles, traditional Shinigami uniform with his s
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 12 0
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 15
Hey my friends and reader, sorry for the long wait. . I've been busy with school and assignment. But then again, school is almost done! No more assessment!! Yes! I thank you my friend for the fave and watch. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter. When writing this chapter I was listening to "I know I'm a wolf"

You winced in pain blooming through your course of body, sweats of rain dripping down your body, your clothes clung to your skin like layer. Panting on the ground you groan in pain. You were all four on your knees trying to get back up to hiss in stinging pain of cuts plastered on your body like a canvas with paints. Clothes rips, cuts and tattered from excessive damage to the body.
Astaroth was in front of you staring down with glee and menace in his pure red eyes that are glowing in excitement, that scared you even more. His eyes glaring down at him, hunger and death spread in the air from him. 
The hooded black clad man was sitting at t
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 15 8
Mature content
Overwatch: Reaper x M!Reader x Soldier 76 :iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 55 15
Mature content
Espada x Abuse/M!Reader: Ulquiorrar ending part 1 :iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 26 20
Bucky Barnes x Male!Hydra!Reader
Bucky Barnes x Male!Hydra!Reader
Oh god I had his idea my head ages ago and decided to write this. I've written this story months ago and thought of uploading it. It mostly shounen ai if so, it depend on where I go with it and I'm trying to not make the character ooc as possible. I don't even know why I write this, it like Amon x Male!Ghoul!Reader!! This is just the first part or so if you want me to continue tell in the comment section. Others story are still working and I enjoy my friend.
I feel like I just created something worst.
You are to obey our every command.
You are ready.
Hail Hydra!
He is the key to our success.
Hail Hydra!
Destroy S.H.I.E.L.D.
(Y/N)!! RUN!
Hail Hydra!
(E/C) eyes snapped open wildly looking around him, sitting up straight preparing to fight. He saw no one in his room, empty just like he’s in here. The room only has his bed and locker for his weapons and clothes, the room was small, l
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 50 24
Don't Forget Me: Chapter 2/6
So sorry for the long wait :iconravuswolf: and everyone, I've been busy with school. I will be making it longer in the next chapter and working on the others when I have the time. I had my sister helping in this part, thanks sis! Thank you all for the fave and watch I appreciate it and people commenting makes me want to write more is the reason why I write story (mostly it fanfic). That is all my friends and I hope you enjoy
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach it belong to Tite Kubo.
Chapter 2: New Y/N

“It appeared that Kurosaki-san must have hit’s his head so hard that it fracture his skull, in process damage his brain to cause him to lose his memories.” The doctor explained with a grim to the family.
They couldn’t believed it, it just happened. They were so happy to see him finally awaken from his coma but come with a consequences. M/N had loss his memories from his head injury that cause the brain to lose his memories. They were sad but happy at t
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 14 15
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 14
I hope you enjoy this chapter my friend. I had help from my awesome friend Ace Iscariot who corrected my spelling and grammar. You should check him and his friends out it pretty cool. . I have help from my step sister who help me with parts for the future and :iconnekohallowking: for the name.
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. Bleach belong to Tite Kubo. OC are mine and the character's name belong to :iconnekohallowking: idea.
“That was pathetic.” The man in black said indifferently, looking down the young H/C haired teenager. 
Y/N was in agonising pain, it felt as if his body would ache for an eternity. His wound on his cheek had opened from the constant training. Giant beads of sweat were dripping from his face and were mixing with the blood from his opened wound. He laid face on the white wet ground in intense pain, his hand clutching the wrapped bandages sword. He was so tired he wanted it to end.
Though the man’s fac
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 18 18
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 13
Everything around you is bright, pure bright shinning everything around it. Thousand of clear glass shard floating in the air, gliding gently. It light shine on it making it sparkle. There were some image in it, image you seen before, they were memories. Memories of your life, the joy, the happiness and… sadness and pain. In front of you was a beautiful black piano, along with it’s chair. The piano was playing by itself a soft melody, but something else caught your eyes. There was an arm chair preoccupied by a person, beside the person was another one empty. 
The mysterious person wore a black cloak hood, wrapped all around the body, the hood hiding person face in the dark shadow.
Who is that? You said to yourself. Hesitantly you gather up your courage. 
“Who are you?”
The black cloak person didn’t say anything until the person final speak. 
“Y/N, it’s nice to see you again.” Said in a masculine voice.
What? How d
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 23 7
Ichigo x Male Reader Chapter 12
Aizen Sosuke, Captain of the 5th Division of Gotei 13, stared down at the human in front of him.
So this is the human with power? Interesting. Aizen smiled seeing your fearful face. He is very interest at you, how a mere human have power and fought against a captain. Beside he already knew who you are.
“So you must be the human with power who fought against Renji Abarai and not only that, challenge Byakuya Kuchiki the captain of the 6th Devision.” 
Wait… you fought against a captain? Was it serious? You were quite clueless at this point, you don’t have a clue what that man was talking about.
A few second later your brain was able to processed from the events and click in your head. Oh, he was talking about the scary emotionless tall man with black hair, grey eyes, white scarf, white headpieces. He wore that same clothes that Ichigo wore with white haori.
Your eyes widen in realisation, you had just fought against that man who is stronger than you, ye
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 36 16
Tokyo Ghoul: Ayato Kirishima by Rockchan13 Tokyo Ghoul: Ayato Kirishima :iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 10 1 Shizuo Heiwajima by Rockchan13 Shizuo Heiwajima :iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 14 11
Don't forget me: Chapter 1/6
Days pass to weeks, to months. How long, how much longer will he finally be awaken from this bed ridden forever sleeping state of coma.
It’s been 6 months of waiting and waiting for _M/N_ to wake up from his coma, but there was nothing in those 6 months. 
They were visiting M/N again, waiting for him to wake up.
Ichigo’s eyes has gone hollow from seeing his twin brother laying there in the bed covered in white sheet. He trained until he could not stand, train until he bled, until he was stronger to protect everyone and him again without this tragic accident.
If this never did happen M/N would be up and smiling, play pranks on everyone, help him with his homework, fight Hollows together and kicking their’s dad ass whenever he came out of nowhere to kick them. Mostly M/N was the one doing the kick ass. Ichigo chuckled softly at the memory of him chasing their dad with a baseball bat. If only he had been stronger this would never have happened. 
Karin and Yuzu
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 36 28
Don't Forget Me: Prologue
Beep…. Beep…. Beep….
The sound of the monitor continue on beeping through out the crowd silent room. A flower on the table. A person with __hair colour__  laid motionless on the bed. Ichigo had his face covered by his hands hiding his pain. His family and everyone is here. He couldn’t believed it, his twin brother the one help him through his darkest time and been with him every since their mum passed away is now in a coma for he doesn’t know for how long. 
__M/N__, I’m sorry.
A single tear slipped through his eye that was holding back all the pain. Yuzu and Karin are crying their eyes out seeing their beloved brother laid motionless not knowing when he is going to wake up. Isshin held back his tears the most seeing his son in a coma. He had lost Masaki and now he might loose his son.
Rukia who is __M/N__ girlfriend is in pain the most seeing the person she loved in a coma. Her eyes were brimmed with tears falling down her face. She
:iconrockchan13:Rockchan13 31 7


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